Study Plans

If you follow along on Instagram, you know this room is well on it’s way. I wanted to share some of my inspiration and design decisions as I style out the shelves, await my art to arrive and put the finishing touches on this space. I have to admit when we moved in I was pretty stumped with this space. It’s a lovely “bonus room.” But in my mind there is not a whole lot of function to it. It’s right off the living room in the front center of our house. There is a closet and large window, plus it connects to the bathroom, which also connects to the kitchen. So it’s a good pass through room. I did not want to use this room as my office, because my office is a disaster 99% of the time, and also because, despite the large window, the lighting stinks.

I future vision is to open this room to the kitchen and turn it into a dinning space, but when faced with what to do with it in the mean time, I was pretty much stumped. The navy patterned wallpaper was not my choice, but there is worse and the bookshelves were nice, just not my taste at all.

Study Before

Flash forward to my discovery of Mandi Makes on Instagram. Her home and feed is a glorious journey of unbelievable and super-creative before and afters. The moment I saw her study I knew it was the direction I wanted to go for my own study. For someone who painted their entire house white (Polar Bear actually) within the first few weeks of living in it, I fell hard for this green-grey color. I loved how her shelves were filled with books like a traditional library, but yet it all looked so modern. See more of Mandi’s room on her blog.

The color Mandi used is called Oil Cloth by Benjamin Moore. I pulled about 35 green-grey swatches from every paint brand. They all looked so different in this room and so different in each light of day. The Oil Cloth color Mandi used looked really blue and really dark in my room. I ended up going with a color called Dusty Miller by Benjamin Moore and I could not be happier with how it turned out!

Study Inspo 1.jpg

I know I’ve seen and pinned that monochromatic look before, so I hopped onto my Pinterest to find all the interesting colored libraries that skewed modern. Many were a little too traditional for my taste, like this room. I had crafted my idea, now on to the executing and the dreaded tearing down of the wallpaper.

Study Inspo 2.jpg
Study Inspo 3.jpg
Monochromatic shelving

photos: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

I have lots more to share about this room and the reveal coming soon! See the items I’m shopping for styling over on my Pinterest Board.

DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed

Long before we moved into this house, when Ollie was still in a crib, I knew I had already put this DIY on “my list.” While visiting a friend’s house I complimented the pair of upholstered twin beds in his guest room and he informed me that they were DIY Ikea hacks. I was so impressed that I insisted that he send me the tutorial. So this project is based on that tutorial, it’s not completely original, but I did improvise as they did not have the bed frame in stock that I wanted to use, so instead I had to use the cheaper Nieden Frame. Seeing the before and after of this project proves what an anchor a headboard can be. This beautiful green-grey upholstered bed frame really makes the room.

DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed


DIY Upholstered Bed


Ikea Hack Upholstered bed

DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed


STEP 1. Screw plywood to front of existing headboard.

DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed

STEP 2. use the 1”x3” lumber to build a “box as shown below.

DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed
DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed

STEP 3. Cut batting and wrap side rails and foot of bed. Use the staple gun to secure in place. Careful to keep the corners and edges as clean as possible. I took several photos below to best show my wrapping technique.

DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed
DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed
DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed

STEP 4. Cut and wrap the headboard with batting. I used the remainder of batting to wrap the top edge and corners with an extra layer. Use the staple gun to secure in place.

DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed

STEP 5. Cut and wrap the head board with fabric or blanket. Fold the corners and trim to keep as clean as possible. Again, I added detailed shots to try and show how I folded and tucked the fabric.

DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed
  • I did not finish the back of the headboard, since I knew it would be hidden.

DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed
DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed

STEP 7. Cut and wrap the side rails and foot. Secure in place with staple gun. Again, play around with folding and tucking at the corners to get the cleanest look.

DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed

Hello February

Things are really heating up over here! We have so many little, exciting projects coming up this month! We are partnering with a few local businesses on fabulous installs, throwing a fourth birthday party for a special little someone (named Oliver) and prepping for a bridal show at the beautiful Venue3Two at the beginning of March, plus home projects and lots of fun client work!! Wow! I am exhausted just listing it all out! It’s going to be a fun month! Of course I’ll be brining you all along over on Instagram.

This mood board is for my bridal show area, because it’s way more than a booth, at Venue3Two. I get to create a tablescape, a backdrop and a lounge! I am pumped, but I have a lot of planning to do!!

February Mood Board

Happiness Project Month 2

I am officially through one month of my happiness project. I feel like I am doing pretty well. I did not accomplish or tackle everything on my list, but I think I laid a really good foundation for the rest of the year in month one. January was all about organization. While there were several one-time tasks I did not get to, like clean off my computer, that I didn’t get to, but there were a lot of wins in the column of setting good organizational habits that I think I will keep.

There are several big things I began doing this month that I want to toot my horn about. I got into the habit of doing all the dishes after dinner and putting them away before bed, so in the morning and when I get home from work the counters are clean. I put a small trash can inside the entry closet to toss unwanted mail. And, I established a cleaning routine, every Sunday morning in January I spent about an hour and a half to two hours cleaning the house. I cleaned the bathrooms, vacuum, cleaned the kitchen, and every other week dusted or washed sheets. These three simple things have made my home and life seem to run a little more smoothly. I have been giving up my leisurely Sunday morning, but I’ve gained outer order and inner calm.

Here is the list of goals I set for myself at the beginning of the month. I crossed out the items I checked off my list.

JANUARY - Organization

  • devise a system for keeping counters clear

  • develop a cleaning routine

  • solve the mail sorting issues

  • finish organizing office

  • purge and complete closet organization

  • sort junk drawers

  • organize and delete computer files

  • clear desk top, digital and physical

  • delete photos and apps from phone

  • sell, donate or recycle unwanted clutter

  • do a time mapping exercise to best organize my time

Here are a few of my favorite organization products I picked up this month.

Now that January is in the books it’s time to look toward February. This month I’m focusing on finances. Talk about and “being good at” money has always been an Achilles heel. Hopefully this power month of thoughtful reflection and planning and discussing with my partner will kick my butt into gear!

FEBRUARY - Finances

  • do a full asset/liability assessment

  • write down financial goals short and long term and align with Kyle

  • make a plan to pay down debts

  • start contributing to 401K again

  • make appointment with financial advisor

  • stick to budget 100%

2019 Bridal Trends

<My latest Something Turquoise post is live. I rounded up my picks for the biggest bridal trends this year. From dainty bouquets to bridal hats, there is something for every bride from mild to bold! Click over to read all about it!


You can find my entire archive of Something Turquoise posts here!

The First Five Things You Should Do When Planning Your Wedding

How to start planning a wedding

I get questions all the time from newly engaged couples getting bombarded by demands from family wanting to know when the wedding will be. Sometimes before they have even made it Facebook official! You may have a secret pin board set up, but when the time comes to start planning, it’s hard to know exactly where to start. When a friend gets engaged or a bride emails to say she doesn’t know where to begin, these are the exact steps I tell them to take.

  1. Discuss a location.

    • This does not mean discuss specific venues, unless, of course you already have a few, or one in particular in mind, but I mean more general. If it’s not 100% unspoken and clear that you will be getting married in your home town, discuss general location. Will it be in the city you live or the place one of you grew up? Perhaps there is a special vacation spot where you’d like to get married? Discuss basic logistics for the must-have people. If one of your parents don’t fly, and you definitely want them at your wedding, you are ruling out many destination locations. If you hoping that a lot of family will be there, planning somewhere local is your best bet.

  2. Figure out a rough timeline

    • Again, you don’t have to talk specifics yet, in fact, chances are it’s best if you don’t have a really specific date in mind, but discuss a rough time. For example, next spring or a Saturday or Sunday in September. This way you are flexible if your top choice venues are already booked.

  3. Make arrangements to visit venues

    • Take a look at the images you have saved. Are they ballrooms? Are they intimate outdoor spaces? Do some research and make a list of about 10 venues you are interested in. 10 may sound like a lot, but you have some wiggle room if/when a venue on your list is booked, is out of budget or can’t hold as many guests as you have on your list.

  4. Outline a budget

    • This one is hard. For me, the hardest part. You probably have a number in your head that you don’t want to exceed. Perhaps it’s $30k or $50k or you are trying to pull off a wedding for $10k (it’s possible!). Start there and break it down. I advise discussing money with parents early. It can be a tough conversation, but ask what if any they want to contribute, then add that to your budget so you know exactly what you’re working with.

  5. Reach out to photographers

    • Once you have a date firm, make a list of 5 to 10 photographers whose work you love. I recommend find a photographer as your first vendor once you have set a date, as everyone needs a photographer, so they tend to book up quickly. Reach out to at least 5, then you can eliminate the ones who are booked, and the ones that are out of your budget. Any viable options you have left I advise meeting with them in person if at all possible. You will be spending one of the most important days of your life with this person, you want to have good vibes.

If you get though those five steps you are well on your way to planning a wedding! And if you need help, that’s what I do! You can schedule a consultation here.

Powder Bath Plans

Last week I gave you the overview on house projects for the year, and as I go along, I will break down my inspiration and plan for each room. If you have been following along on Instagram you know that I already dove into tackling my powder bath. I had the mirror and the light, so I figured I’d buy the paint and start with phase 1. You can see the before here and scroll to the bottom of the post to see where I am today. I still need to replace the toilet, vanity, flooring and tile the walls. But she has come a long way! Here is the inspiration and the detailed design plan. Looking forward to finishing it off in the next month or too.


floor tile / scalloped wall tile / toilet / rug / art / faux plant / plant sprayer / sconce / mirror / faucet / vanity (custom) / paint color - My Sweetheart

Powder Bath update

2019 Wedding Trend: Painted Foliage

Because I love creative, out-of-the-box ideas, I just adore this wedding trend I’ve been seeing pop up on our favorite wedding blogs. Painted foliage is one of my new favorite ideas I’ve seen in a long time. I actually saved this first photo onto my Pinterest when it was published almost three years ago. The designer Lenzo is an uber-creative company based in Australia and they were WAY ahead of this trend.

This look probably isn’t timeless and it definitely isn’t for the classic couple, but still I love the bold choice of painted foliage! The pops of color or the monochromatic texture painting on leaves creates is so rich. Since you are painting on top of the foliage, the possibilities are endless, from bright and bold to metallic to tie-dye, this is a statement making trend idea made for the forward-thinking trend setters.

design: Lenzo / photography: Hello Darling Photography 

2019 Wedding Trend: Painted Foliage
2019 Wedding Trend: Painted Foliage

Design: Rawlins Design / photography: Burke & Pryde

2019 Wedding Trend: Painted Foliage
2019 Wedding Trend: Painted Foliage
2019 Wedding Trend: Painted Foliage