DIY Round Leather Bag

I design handbags everyday for a living, but it's rare that I make one by hand. Why would I? I already have all the bags I could ever want. Almost all the bags, I wanted one of the trendy bracelet styles. I literally whipped up this bag in 30 minutes, it's super duper easy. 

DIY Round Leather Bag
DIY bracelet handle bag
DIY Round Leather Bag Supplies


DIY Round Leather Bag

STEP 1: Fold cardboard in half and use the curve to make a U shaped pattern

DIY Round Leather Bag

STEP 2. Unfold and trace onto leather, cut 2 U shapes. 

DIY Leather Bag

STEP 3. Cut 2 - 1 1/2" x 3" leather strips, these will attach the handle to the bag. 

Step 4. loop the anchor around the handle and sew with two stitch lines. Repeat on the other piece of leather 

Step 5. Layer the front and back pieces on top of each other and sew along the edge. 

Step 6. trim away any visible back side of the leather.

Now you're ready to throw your phone and lipstick in and hit the town!



Top two photos: A. Fatouros Photography