Welcome to Lauren Koster Creative!!

Lauren Koster Creative

Welcome readers new and old!  Thank you so much for stopping by!  I am thrilled to launching my new website and blog.  Lauren Koster Creative is a marriage between my two previous endevors, Undeclared Panache and I Love Love Events.  If you haven’t visited either of these sites let me fill you in, I began Undeclared Panache as a fashion blog in 2008.  I blogged daily, tracking all of my inspiration before Pinterest was a thing.  Undeclared Panache morphed from a fashion blog to a lifestyle blog expanding to interiors, DIY and family.  After planning my own wedding I fell in love with the process, the design and the industry, my passion led me to helping friends, which led me to starting I Love Love Events in 2014.  I have been planning weddings and creating custom décor for the past three years under that name.

Today, I am excited to officially become the face of my brand!  I will still plan weddings, create incredible content, and have added styling services under my umbrella, a hat I have already been wearing for many years, but not marketing. 

I want this blog to be a resource for young women from engagement until motherhood.  I will be sharing my own stories, but also connecting you to my favorite bossladies.  I will share entertaining ideas, as well as fashion advice. 

I am grateful you’re here and honored to continue to create content for you!!  Oh! And be sure you sign up for my newsletter for occasional updates to your inbox!

photo: Kathy Davies Photography