Mood Board // Trolls Birthday Party

When you love planning kid parties, but you HATE planning character themed kids birthdays, what do you do? My little has requested a Trolls themed third birthday. Upon his request, I only cringed a little, because I knew there was so much other magic in that movie I could pull without pasting Princess Poppy everywhere. I am planning to play up the rainbows, magic plants, flowers and bugs, and incorporating actual Trolls sporadically throughout the decor.  This technique can easily be translated to other parties as well, if your little wants a Superhero Party, consider playing up the city skyline, or a Minnie Mouse party, polka-dots could be the dominating element. What do you think? Do you head to Party City and buy up the section, or do you like to take a character theme to another level?  

Trolls Party Inspiration