Life update...

Hi friends, it's been two months since we left New York and we've been over here trying to get settled here in Michigan. Moving across the country is no joke, insurance, DMV, new daycare, all while working a full-time job is enough to make a girl's head spin! I am happy that much of the logistical stuff is behind me. Ollie has started at a new daycare a few weeks ago and I'm officially a licensed Michigan driver. 

Coffee Break

Until last week I had been designing for The Sak remotely. I wrapped up my final season, Summer 2019, and I said goodbye to life as a handbag designer. Because we are looking for some stability, and to buy a house, I am currently looking for a new gig. Lucky for me there are so many awesome creative things happening here in Grand Rapids. I've been very open to where ever the the universe leads me, but exploring opportunities in interior design, creative agencies, furniture design, and fashion. I am also working hard on growing and establishing Lauren Koster Creative here in Michigan, and booking weddings and events for 2019. 

As for our living situation, we are still with my in-laws, but anxiously (though not desperately) looking for our own home. You can tell from the "dream home" series I started that I am psyched to have a space to design and decorate. I've been documenting our house hunt on my Instagram stories, if you want to get a look at the homes we've seen. There was one that we loved (#5), but we didn't move fast enough, which we've heard is the case more often than not in the current market here. Now that I am between jobs, getting financing for a property we love may not be realistic, so we aren't completely halting our house search, we have pumped the brakes. 

As evident by my lack of posting, the last few months have been a crazy whirl wind of one thing after the next. I could not be more thrilled to have a moment to catch my breath, browse my favorite blogs and websites, create content, make things, collaborate with local artists and get back into the creative flow! Be sure to follow along on Insta for real time updates and adventures!