DIY Cut Out Kids Art

If you've been following along this summer, you know that Ollie and I have been hanging out and doing a lot more activities than usual. It has been so fun seeing his creative side come out, and watching him gain fine motor skills. Last DIY project I shared with you was a color block painting, this project was definitely less involved and less messy, we created art inspired by Henri Matisse's cut out art. 

During the last decade of his life Henri Matisse deployed two simple materials—white paper and gouache—to create works of wide-ranging color and complexity. An unorthodox implement, a pair of scissors, was the tool Matisse used to transform paint and paper into a world of plants, animals, figures, and shapes.

You can read more about Matisse's methods here

DIY Cut Out Kids Art

DIY Kids Art


  • colored paper
  • white paper
  • scissors
  • glue

Step 1: I did the prep work and cut out the shapes, in completely random sizes and colors. Do not cut white paper.

Matisse Inspired Kids Art Project
DIY Kids Art

Step 2. Lay out your shapes on white paper 

DIY Matisse-Inspired Kids Art

Step 3: Glue shapes on to paper. That's it!

DIY Matisse Inspired Kids Art