Baby #2 Nursery Plans

I am super excited to share my plans progress and plans for the baby nursery. It took me some time to find the starting point for this room, but it is moving in the right direction.

One of the things that is staying as we transform this room from the playroom to the nursery is a daybed I made. I cannot believe I never shared this amazing DIY with you. It is based on this tutorial by A House In The Hills. I made this day bed to be both a cozy hang out spot and a guest bed. After I finished I bought a cheap-o mattress from Ikea, as I didn’t know how much use the bed would get, so I didn’t want to invest. Autonomous invited me to try out their mattress and I knew just the spot that needed an upgrade. And upgrade it is! This mattress is about four times the thickness of the Ikea mattress we had! The quality is a dream! I am picturing myself napping here with a baby in my arms in a few short months. One of my favorite details is the anti-slip pad on the bottom. It is a great feature for a house with a four year old and a slick wood platform bed.

Autonomous Mattress
Autonomous Mattress
Autonomous Mattress

The room is starting to come together, and here is what I’m working toward. You may remember some of the inspiration photos I shared a few weeks back.

Here is my design plan for the room. I am planning on making a few special details that aren’t pictured here, but this is the vibe, neutral and relaxed with lots of sunny touches.

Nursery Plans