My Happiness Project

I am a resolution person. Like an over the top resolution maker. Sometimes I make a checklist of things I want to do, and sometimes they are more traditional resolutions, but each December, I stop, review my year and decide how I want to be different or better the following year. Of course, 2019 is no exception. This year I have decided to do a Happiness Project. I am a big fan of Gretchen Rubin. Her methods may not resonate with everyone, but I relate to her type-A tendencies and I find her advice helpful and useful in my life. I just reading Gretchen’s book “The Happiness Project,” have listened to her talk about the concept on her podcast for years, and I decided that there is no time like the present to tackle this endeavor.

What is a happiness project? It began as Gretchen’s quest to be happier, she dedicated a year to researching and implementing the practices she thought would boost her happiness. Gretchen dedicated a one month to 12 different areas she thought would contribute to her overall happiness. As she shared her progress on her blog, it turned into a movement and other’s began their own person quests. Everyone’s happiness project looks different. The difference between this and making big overarching resolutions is that you break them down into smaller, bite-size chunks that are easier to tackle and you can practice every single day for the month. The hope is that it becomes a habit and it carries forward to the next month.

Below I outline the areas I plan to tackle each month. My intention is at the beginning of each month share my wins and losses from the month prior and what I plan to tackle for the next month. I want to have a clean slate so in January I am focusing on organization.



JANUARY - Organization

  • devise a system for keeping counters clear

  • develop a cleaning routine

  • solve the mail sorting issues

  • finish organizing office

  • purge and complete closet organization

  • sort junk drawers

  • organize and delete computer files

  • clear desk top, digital and physical

  • delete photos and apps from phone

  • sell, donate or recycle unwanted clutter

  • do a time mapping exercise to best organize my time

FEBRUARY - Finances

MARCH - Business

APRIL - Marriage

May - Attitude

JUNE - Friendship

JULY - Enjoy free time

AUGUST - Motherhood

SEPTEMBER - Putting Good things in and on my body

October - Taking care of the Earth

November - Gratitude

December - Self reflection

I am excited to share this journey with you. Follow along with me on Instagram and Instagram stories.