Father's Day Gift Ideas For Sentimental Dads

My husband, just like my dad was is a big softie. A wonderful, kind dad deserves a fitting, thoughtful gifts. But dads (men in general) can be so tricky to buy for. My dad used to request a new hoodie or baseball hat every Christmas. As a person who’s love language is gift giving, this didn’t sit well with me. I wanted to be creative. Twenty years later I am still the same. I love giving gifts, or more accurately, I love giving GOOD gifts, the kind you can’t find at the sporting goods store the day before Father’s Day.

Pinhole Press never fails me on occasions like this one. Ollie and I chose photos to put together the perfect “All About My Dad Book.” This special keepsake has 10 prompts for kiddos to write what is so special about their dad. Ollie and I had such a good time making this book and were so excited to give it to Kyle that we just couldn’t wait!

Keep scrolling to see my other creative ideas for sentimental dads.


Father's Day Gift Ideas
Gift Ideas for Sentimental Dads




search Etsy photo via  Unsplash

search Etsy photo via Unsplash


Conversations With Ollie: Holiday Edition

Back by popular demand, another edition of "Conversations with Ollie." This time we are talking Christmas movies and Christmas presents. In case you don't remember what happens in "Home Alone," Ollie gives a solid recap along with commentary on Mr. and Mrs. McAllister's parenting skills.   

Gift Guide // My Wish List

My favorite post of the year, my holiday wish list! This year I'm looking forward to unwrapping a few little luxuries. From comfy and cute sneakers to beautiful cookware, I have all I need but these fabulous goodies would be icing on the cake.

Lauren Koster HOLIDAY-WISH-LIST.jpg

1. Santa, I am obsessed with this mirror

2. Still loving these earrings from J.Crew.

3. This cozy jacket by Sezane belongs in my closet!

4. I designed this tote bag and I'm obsessed! It is the perfect large leather tote, great for a travel or overnight bag. 

5. Cook Beautiful, the prettiest cook book, written and styled by my girl crush, Athena Caldrone.

6. It's been a while since I splurged on cute, personalized stationery. Minted has so many great designs!

7. I've seriously never seen cookware so pretty!

8. Heard so many great things about Away carryon bags. Think it's time for an upgrade. 

9. New Balance fashion sneakers. Because comfort is king these days. 


Halloween Tablescape

I couldn't let a holiday go by without whipping up a celebratory table top. The best thing about this table is that everything, except for the spider silhouettes, were pulled from my existing collection. The mud cloth is a versatile piece of fabric I've used in many different ways and here as a base for the creepy Halloween table. I layered the textile with contrasting white dishes, hand-dyed napkins, vintage green glassware and L'entrimise flatware. I foraged my yard to create the "dead flower arrangement," and I topped it all off with a few decorations from the house. How do you decorate your Halloween table? 

Halloween Table
Creepy Halloween Table
Halloween Table Top
Halloween Table