One Room Challenge Week 6 // Sunroom Reveal

Here we are! Another One Room Challenge Reveal. I’m equally obsessed with this room and the photographs Collette from The Lipstick Lens took of the space. I have spent the last six weeks taking our sunroom room from woodsy room to a modern space that fits our home and bridges the inside to the outside. And I did all this while in my second trimester! Toot toot! If you haven’t seen the progress, you can check it out here.

A HUGE thank you to Merola Tile for helping out with the tile. This wouldn’t be the space it is without the patterned tile. And a thank you to my favorite Grand Rapids boutique, Modrn GR for outfitting me with some perfect accessories. And of course, thank you to The One Room Challenge team and Better Homes and Gardens for hosting. Don’t forget to check out all the other room reveals here.

Lauren Koster Creative Sunroom Makeover
Lauren Koster Creative - Sunroom Makeover
Lauren Koster Creative - Sunroom Makeover
Lauren Koster Creative - Sunroom Makeover


Sunroom Before
Sunroom Before


  • primed

  • painted (Behr - Polar Bear) multiple coats!

  • removed carpet

  • laid sub floor

  • tiled

  • shopped for plants and furniture

  • styled!

Lauren Koster Creative - Sunroom Makeover
Lauren Koster Creative - Sunroom Makeover
Lauren Koster Creative - Sunroom Makeover
Lauren Koster Creative - Sunroom Makeover



DIY Reversible Banquette Cushions

One of the very first things I bought when we moved into this house was mud cloth fabric to make cushions for brand new banquette. I was inspired by one of my favorite instagramers, @anaberdesign, the combo of her dinning nook situation and her fab head board gave me the vision. The fabric and the pillows were sitting in my closet taunting me to work on them. But I prioritized painting, then Christmas, then Ollie’s birthday party, oh, and the first trimester sucked the life out of me. Then Kyle went out of town for a few days. I finally finished Gilmore Girls and sewed the pillows.

Then another few weeks went by while I figured out how to attach the cushions. I initially planed to attach the leather straight to the white banquette back, but once I saw how amazing Garance Doré’s dining area looked with the hit of black contrast, I knew I had to go that route. I first explored the idea of curtain rods, but they were too tall to fit under the window moulding. So I walked the isles of Lowe’s. I found pipe in the electrical aisle and spray painted it black. Then fixed my DIY leather straps with snaps I bought at the fabric store.

DIY Reversible Banquette Cushions
DIY Reversible Banquette Cushions
DIY Reversible Banquette Cushions
DIY Reversible Banquette Cushions

Let’s take a minute to remember where this nook began.

dining nook before


One Room Challenge // Kitchen Renovation Week 1

I am so excited to be participating in my second One Room Challenge. If you are not familiar, the One Room Challenge is a huge blogger challenge, currently in it’s 15th season, where 20 “headline” bloggers and hundreds of guest bloggers renovate a room in 6 weeks and document their progress on their blog and social channels. You can follow along with all the guests and bloggers here.

The first One Room Challenge I did was in spring of 2017, I turned my garage into my studio. This time, I went even bigger. I am tackling my mom’s very dated kitchen. During the last One Room Challenge I did, my dad passed away. That was a big catalyst for my family to move back across the country to Michigan to be closer to family. Since we are still in between homes, I thought helping my mom tackle her kitchen would be a great way to spend quality time with my mom. My mom is the most generous person I know, I am honored to be able to give something back to her.

My mom is planning to move out of her house, my childhood home, in the next few years. My goal is to update her current space to give her a modern traditional kitchen that will be a lovely space to spend her last months in a home she’s lived in for almost 40 years, and will also help with resale value, all for a tight budget. This mood board is my inspiration for this project. Colors will mostly be grey and white with warm wood tones and blues brought in through accessories.

Studio McGee One Room Challenge Inspiration
Modern Traditional Kitchen

The space needs A LOT of love. It was last updated around 1995, and that was also on a budget. Currently it’s a farmhouse Christmas wonderland, the cabinets are bright green and the paneling is dark red, with plaid wallpaper and a farmhouse border with actual farm animals. The counter tops and backsplash are laminate and there is a lot that doesn’t seem to function well for my mom and brother. I plan to address it all.

One Room Challenge Kitchen Before

Here’s what we are tackling:

  • adding trim, painting cabinets, changing hardware

  • updating trim (goodbye scallops)

  • butcher block counter tops

  • built in banquet seating that will also function as a dog cage

  • removing wallpaper

  • adding trim to paneling and painting walls

  • update lighting

One Room Challenge Kitchen Before
One Room Challenge Kitchen Before
One Room Challenge Kitchen Before

Click here over to my Pinterest board to see all my inspiration and sources I’m planning on using.

Budget Kitchen Makeover Reveal

Well ladies and gentleman, it's time for the big kitchen reveal.  I am so so proud of the project, like almost-as-much-as-our-wedding proud.  Do you remember a while ago, I shared my plans for a budget rental kitchen makeover?  Flash forward almost three months and A LOT of hard work and here we are, a (rental) kitchen I am so so happy with, and we didn't have to break the bank.  

One of the things we couldn't change that I hated the most when we moved in, was the black appliances, because they didn't seem to go with anything.  Now that I painted the back door black and added the black hardware, I feel like they look much more integrated.  I think the whole space looks brighter, happier, updated and completely our style without doing any major construction.   

Budget Kitchen Makeover
Budget Kitchen Makeover
Budget Kitchen Makeover

Here's a break down of what we did:

  • Painted the walls white, Polar Bear White by Behr 

  • Added trim to the cabinet faces

  • painted cabinets white, Decorator's White 

  • spray painted the hinge hardware

  • changed out the knobs and draw pulls

  • took down the upper cabinets above the sink

  • added open shelving 

  • changed out the shelving in the laundry area to increase the space and look more rustic

  • updated the sconces 

  • made new door panels for the peninsula

  • added a rug and lots of styling

Budget Kitchen Makeover 

The timeline was about five weekends.  We worked our butts off on the weekends, but didn't spend too much time working on it during the week.  We did a section of cabinets each weekend, starting with the laundry area, then wall opposite the sink, then the lower cabinets, then prepped the wall for the shelves.  That took about about four weeks, then just recently I finished the last lingering project, then peninsula.

Budget Kitchen Makeover 

I definitely underestimated the amount of time it would take.  At first I thought we could tackle the whole kitchen over Memorial Day, and thankfully, I got a jump on that plan, because I would still be working today if I hadn't.  I gave myself a $500 budget for this project and before some styling pieces, we were right on target.

Here is the cost break down:
Paint: $101
Paint Supplies: $41
Hardware: $53.50
Trim: $59
Shelving Lumber: $85
Brackets for shelving: $45
Stain: $26
Paneling: $49
Glue: $15
Sconce: $7
Miscellaneous: $25

Total: $507

Budget Kitchen Makeover 
Budget Kitchen Makeover 

I am still thinking about some kind of countertop fix, but for now, I am content.  Don't forget to check out all my inspiration here.

Stay tuned, because tomorrow I will take you through the steps we followed to update the cabinets.