First Trimester Maternity Capsule

Well, my first trimester has come and gone! I cannot believe how fast its flying by! Still feeling good, my energy is starting to come back. My writing this at 9:22 is evidence of that! Thank goodness! Falling asleep at 9:00PM was cramping my style! I have been craving fruit and fruity candy. All the sour and fruity candy!

I wanted to share with you my first trimester maternity capsule collection. I spent the last three months hiding my bump under cozy sweaters, blazers and cardigans. In general my maternity style is very much like my normal day-to-day style, mostly classic, with a twist. In pregnancy (and life) I like relaxed silhouettes, nothing too fitted. I had to retire my favorite high-waisted Levi’s about a week after I took a pregnancy test, but I am still rocking my mid-rise Madewell jeans on repeat. The following have been my go-to looks, keeping warm while working with my baby bump. So far have not made any special purchases or have even dug into my old maternity stash. Only a matter of time though…


First Trimester Capsule Wardrobe


First Trimester Capsule Wardrobe


First Trimester Capsule Wardrobe



How To Wear White After Labor Day

I think it's safe to say that not too many people in the fashion circle still subscribe to the rule of not wearing white after Labor Day. The all white monochromatic look has become almost as ubiquitous as head-to-toe black, almost. But I still think the average Jane is a little hesitant when it comes to the all white everything look. Most women have a white sweater and white pants in their closets, but bulk on pairing them together because perhaps the tones aren't exactly on. That is perfectly acceptable, add a belt to break it up or top it with a camel blazer to add another dimension. When faced with the challenge of what shoe to wear with a winter white look, a nude heel or bootie would be perfect, or a light or white fashion sneaker if the look is more casual and animal print if you want to make a statement. 

Here are 5 white after Labor Day looks to inspire you to try it out. 


Fall Capsule Shopping List

Maybe I've just been away from most of my clothes for too long, but I am craving a real legit shopping spree. Two-thirds of my wardrobe is in storage while we transition into our new (yet to be found) home, that includes the entirety of my fall wardrobe. Girl doesn't even have one sweater in my possession! All I have is about a 50 piece capsule wardrobe. I have been loving capsule wardrobe living for the most part, but for fall I am looking for some good, quality fall classics to add to the mix and make my current capsule more seasonal appropriate. In one of my most recent closet clean outs, I ditched the cropped glen plaid blazer I bought for interviews in 2006. I would like to replace with an updated style. I love the cute little denim dress on the list, would look darling with a t-shirt and sneakers and equally cute with boots and a turtle neck. I've forever been coveting a pair of traditional Swedish clogs and the blush babies below are perfect! Probably my favorite item on this list is that suede wrap skirt, it is so fabulous! 



Little Yellow Jumper

Since moving I've pretty much put myself on a shopping hiatus, with few exceptions. One of those exceptions was this little yellow jumpsuit. I'm always on the hunt for jumpsuits. I like to wear a jumpsuit when I work weddings. They are often more polished than jeans and not as uptight as other pants, plus I can bend over, climb a ladder, crawl around on the ground or any other maneuver I need to do on a wedding day.

I've got to be honest, when I came across this linen jumpsuit at Target, I wasn't so sure I could pull it off. After trying it on, I still wasn't so sure I could pull it off, but after basically living in it the last few weeks, I'm here to tell you that I don't really care if I can pull off a baggy jumpsuit, because this is basically the best garment ever made! I'm kidding, kind of, but I love the cool relaxed vibes it gives off and it basically feels like I'm wearing pajamas. Paired with a straw hat and my woven leather slides I look like I'm ready for a fabulous wellness retreat in Ojai. 

Summer outfit
Linen Jumpsuit
Yellow Jumpsuit
Yellow Linen Jumpsuit
Toddler with flowers FTW!

I just can't with this kid. He melts my heart. 


What to Wear For An Interview in Summer

As most of you know, we recently relocated from New York to Michigan. In transition we are living with my in-laws, our stuff is in storage and our room lacks a closet. Needless to say, I am living on a VERY edited wardrobe, about 50 pieces. I knew I would be job hunting, so I packed accordingly. And job hunting I am, two weeks into serious job search and interview mode. Before we moved, I basically had to plan outfits that work for interviews, that I would also wear in everyday life. This is what the capsule wardrobe is all about, versatility. Dressing in summer workwear is tricky, there is not a huge section in the Venn diagram that depicts weather appropriate looks with interview appropriate looks. I have pulled three favorites from my capsule closet to share. 


I have to admit, I have purchased exactly one piece of clothing since we've moved about eight weeks ago, this shirt dress from the Target Who What Wear collection. Before we got a few things from storage I was in a pinch and needed something nice and all I had were t-shirts and jeans, one late-night Target run and this dress now lives on my wardrobe rack. I love the look of a shirt dress. It is a polished classic that works in many situations, including a job interview. I paired this dress with my favorite low-key statement shoe. The tassels are darling, but the color does over power the outfit. 

What to wear for a summer interview
How to dress for a summer interview
what to wear for a summer interview



As a woman judging women, and myself too, pants are BOSS. I think a good long, wide leg trouser is so sexy, in a lady CEO kind of way. They make you look taller and leaner and in the fashion cycle of dresses, pants are unexpected. I paired these tomato trousers from Zara, several years back with a short-sleeved off the shoulder blouse. A word of warning, unless you are completely comfortable with off the shoulder, I advise against wearing this style for an interview, as you don't want to be pulling and tugging as give your answers. I've paired this look with comfy wedges to give additional length to my legs and a leather envelope clutch that holds my i-Pad to show my portfolio. 

Red Trousers
How to dress for a summer interview
How to dress for a summer interview



Next up, a cropped wide leg white jean with a sleeveless blouse. I am a creative, so I think this look would definitely be appropriate in my field, however, because these are jeans, you may want to opt for a trouser instead. The sleeveless blouse is a great polished look for summer. I added a bold statement earring to this look, which again, may not be quite right for your line of work, but I would definitely rock them. I finished this look with two classic accessories with a twist, another subtle statement shoe, classic pumps in a pretty lilac, and a great black tote with a little fringe for flair. 

How to dress for a summer interview
How to dress for a summer job interview
How to dress for a summer job interview


Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Anybody else feel like the heat wave set in you're ready for a whole new wardrobe? I feel like I've been wearing the same shorts and tank for for a week straight. How about a few new pieces that can be super versatile and will get your wardrobe rut through until summer's end and then some? I am so feeling a few new jumpsuits, one for casual wear and one for work wear, comfy pants that can both be styled up for a night out and down for a beach or boat day. Also, those shorts I said I've been wearing for a week straight are getting a hole in the bum. Finally, a cami, because there is nothing more perfect than a cami when it's HOT! What are you shopping now?  

Summer Capsule Wardrobe


How To Do A Complete Closet Overhaul

As you know, I am here in Michigan, currently without a closet. As I packed up my life to make the cross country move, I took the opportunity to edit and refine my closet. In my 20's I would have described my style as mix between Zoey Deschanel and Carrie Bradshaw. I couldn't resist a quirky print and I often frequented my favorite vintage shops hunting for charming fit and flare dresses. I paired those with blazers and finished the look with a vintage belt and the most ridiculous platforms or stilettos you have ever seen. Now, not so much. These days I live in jeans, a tee with a blazer or a blouse and mules. My heels don't get much play and my vintage dresses were stuck in the back of the closet. It was time for an overhaul. 

Back in January one of my favorite bloggers/Instagrammers, Jen Pinkston of The Effortless Chic posted a closet overhaul series over on Instagram. I've read lots of closet makeover posts in my day, but Jen's philosophy stuck with me. You can read all about her method here, but I'll give you the cliff's notes version in this post. 

How to do a closet overhaul

Step 1. Separate your real life from your fantasy life. Be honest with yourself, when you're reviewing your closet, and you come across a pair of heels you hastily purchased after seeing them on your favorite blogger at a high fashion event, remember that her life isn't yours. You need clothes that work for you. 

Step 2. Journal your outfits for a week. Notice what kind of outfits you wear most and what kind you don't. If you live in lounge wear, might be time to consign the pencil skirts and invest in chic casual wear. 

Step 3. Make a mood board. I feel like most of the closet overhauls I read about start here, but I love that Jen's method started with you evaluating your actual life and how you wear clothes. This is my favorite step, but even if you're not as much of a mood board enthusiast as I am, this is a very important step, as these visuals will be your North Star as you're evaluating your clothes. 

Jen goes on to explain that this is hugely important - every time you go into a store or on a website, that store is trying to sell you on their brand vision. That's why when you go into Free People you suddenly feel like you could pull off the boho goddess look, but if it doesn't align with your vision of your style, put down the fringe vest!

Here is my style vision board, French "it" girl meets California casual for coffee in SOHO (you can come up with anything, and I mean anything that resonates with you). But what on Earth does that mean. For me, I am often attracted to all the best French girl style, the effortless chic jeans and blouse look isn't exactly what I gravitate toward in store, but it's what I like to wear and the balance of dressy and casual that fits my lifestyle. Because the denim and tee look is such an important part of my wardrobe, I had to register the California vibes that wear on the daily. I also love blazers and some more polished pieces bring in a little New York style. Here's what that looks like to me:


I would also take this a step further and create a color palette, this will ensure maximum mix and match versatility in your closet. Stay tuned for my palette in an upcoming post. 

Step 4. Purge! Ditch anything that doesn't fit, is worn out or damaged and doesn't fit your vision. 

  • pull anything out of season and store away or at least put aside for now
  • organize your closet by category - this way you can see if you have 6 blazers that you haven't worn in a year, or not one skirt that suits your stule
  • pull your three favorite outfits that fit your style vision, use them as your guide and as you go through your closet. If you're on the fence, ask yourself if each piece can mix and match with your outfits. 

Keep going until you have a closet full of clothes you love to wear. 

How to do a complete closet overhaul

Step 5. Begin to fill the holes in your wardrobe. Through your journaling or organizing you may have noticed some pieces you may be missing. In my recently closet I tossed all my tees with stretched necks or distorted hems, currently I'm shopping for more polished tees that look great layered under blazers or stand alone with jeans or a skirt. 

  • Consider a favorite piece, do you love the cut? would you benefit from having it in another color? or lighter or heavier weight fabric?
  • Does your work wardrobe need a refresh? Maybe a chic trouser that can be paired with several tops that already live in your closet. 
  • be mindful about your purchases, think about your ratio of the tops and bottoms you already own. Similarly, think about your shoe closet in the same way, do you need another pair of shoes that you might only wear to a wedding once every other year?

My favorite piece of Jen's advice: Will this piece make getting dressed much easier in the morning? Can you easily think of three different ways you would wear it and three different places you would wear it to?

The goal at the end of all this is to have a closet full of clothes that you love, that fit your style and that style together seamlessly. The goal is to be more intentional and less spontaneous. 

photos: 1 / 2 

Costa Rica Packing List

Did I tell you guys that we are taking a family trip to Costa Rica!? We leave two weeks from today!!! Kyle and I took a trip to Costa Rica back in 2010. It was our first trip together. We fell in love there. It was magical. Plus, it is super affordable! So we decided to go back and bring our little. Last time we surfed, ziplined, catamaraned and relaxed on the beach. This time around we are staying at a kid-friendly resort in Playa Hermosa. I hope to catch a few waves, but I think the majority of the time will be relaxing around the pool and beach. I don't need much as far as clothes go for this excursion, just some great basics, perhaps a new pair of sunglasses and a fab straw bag, because doesn't everyone want a few new pieces to take on vacay! 

Vacation Packing List

1. swim suit / 2. overalls / 3. sunnies / 4. straw bag / 5. slides / 6. bag / 7. shirt / 8. dress / 9. shorts