Pedestal Bowl Round-Up

The perfect styling piece I am currently coveting is the pedestal bowl. It is absolutely perfect on the center of the kitchen table, as a decorative object on a coffee table, on your open kitchen shelving or styled on a built it. It is the avocado of the styling world - a little decadent and perfect on whatever you put it on. Ever since I missed the boat on this beauty from Anthropologie a few months back, I have been on the hunt for the perfect bowl. Scroll down to see the alternatives I found.

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Pedestal Bowl Round-up

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Rainbow Round-up

I just love that rainbows are having a moment right now. When I was in second grade, my teacher played a song for us called, "The World is A Rainbow." Do you know it? It became kind of a classroom anthem, with a beautiful message about different kinds of people living together in harmony. That song sealed my life long love for the symbol. It makes me happy that for so many people the rainbow symbolizes love and acceptance of all people no matter who they choose to be or who they choose to love. This being my first post of pride month, it seemed like perfect time to do a round-up of my favorite rainbow decor from around the web. 

Rainbow Print
Rainbow decor
Rainbow Wallhanging

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Rainbow Decor round-up