Dream Home 2.0 // Big Boy Room

The e-design of my dream home series continues, this time I’m sharing Ollie’s big boy room. When we left New York, our little dude was still in a crib. The crib will stay in storage when we get to our new home and Ollie will get his very own big boy bed! I have big plans to whip up this Ikea hack to give my boy the upholstered bed he’s never dreamed of. I’m feeling inspired to use a lot more pattern, and of course, a lot more color in a little boy’s room, than in the other rooms I’ve shared. I am just in love with the mud cloth wallpaper pattern in the photo below on the right, by Spoonflower, it’s in consideration once we see a space. I also love how the room on the left incorporated the pattern into the headboard. I also want to upgrade his kiddo art work (check out his nursery here) and incorporate more photography. And of course, some really fun elements like the dinosaur lamp pictured below.

Big Boy Bedroom Inspiration

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Big Boy Bedroom e-design

Dream Home 2.0 // Studio

I dream of my studio. Like create a mood board, visualize the perfect workspace kind of dream. While house shopping, after the living room, and kitchen, it's the next space I try to picture. My dream studio would be an out building, separate from the main living space, but I am more than okay with a large bedroom or converting a second living space into my work space. But, the space needs to bright for photographing flat lays and DIY tutorials, but also have plenty of wall space for shelving storage for all my supplies and goodies. This dream room has a desk with a few work spaces, as well as a meeting/project table, plus a space for a mood board wall. The color palette of course fits the rest of the house, neutral-based with pops of color that tie into the Lauren Koster Creative brand. Here is my mood board with the look and feel, as well as the virtual design. 

Dream Studio Inspiration

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Dream Studio


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Dream Home 2.0 // Living Room

We've now seen 16 houses here in the Grand Rapids area. There has only been one "that got away," and it feels like we're getting closer to finding a home to raise our kid(s) in. While I'm waiting for said home to come into our possession, I have been virtually laying out plans and shopping for our dream home. In case you missed it, I did an overall post about my dream home, as well as the color palette I plan to carry though out the space to create a cohesive vibe.

Today I'm starting the part in the series where I break down my vision room-by-room. I am starting with what I think is the most important room in the house, the living room. We are TV people, we spend nights unwinding on the sofa and weekends sipping coffee while Ollie plays with toys. I want this room to feel warm and inviting, relaxed but still polished. Sticking to my color palette the base would be white with warm wood tones, the sofa, light neutral with plants, pillows and art to add life and color. My living room wish list, includes tall ceilings, lots of windows and open to the kitchen. Our last house had two living areas, I prefer one big space instead of formal and informal living rooms. I absolutely loved the feel of our old living room, so we will be using that as a jumping off point, getting a new sofa and an updated coffee table. Keep following my insta stories to see the latest on our house hunt. 

Dream Living Room Inspiration

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Dream Living Room


Dream Home 2.0 // Color Palette

A few weeks ago I shared some of my favorite images to inspire my dream home. Now I'm breaking it down a step further and talking about color palette. An overall color palette for your home isn't something the lay person might thinking about when embarking on decorating their home, but it's a really important step that can help you out in the end. People generally gravitate toward a look, but honing in on a style and a color palette that is cohesive and compliments the space is integral to a home that flows and has continuity. Plus, and this is the major point of this post, when you stick to a style and color scheme that is cohesive, it's very easy to swap and move things around when you want to refresh a space. If your bedroom and living room are somewhat cohesive you may be able to pull a bedside table to use as a coffee table or move chairs from the reading nook into the family room. Being diligent about this step means that art can be swapped from room to room and accessories can be styled and restyled again and again. Below is the color palette I am using to inspire my home as well as some pieces that support the look. 

Home Color Palette


Dream Home 2.0

Moving, with all it's headaches, is so fun for us designer-types, because it offers a fresh start and a whole new set of projects to tackle. A few years back, when we were still living in New York City, Instagram was just an infant and I was deep in the height of my Pinterest scrolling addiction, I designed my dream home on paper. After that, we moved into a rental house upstate, then bought our first home. Five years later, we moved across the country and are embarking on the journey to buy our (possible) forever home. Looking back on my original dream home post, I think had this home come to fruition, I would still be happy with my choices, but now my style is a little more refined, a little more modern and a little less colorful. 

Modern & Bright Dream Home

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