DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed

Long before we moved into this house, when Ollie was still in a crib, I knew I had already put this DIY on “my list.” While visiting a friend’s house I complimented the pair of upholstered twin beds in his guest room and he informed me that they were DIY Ikea hacks. I was so impressed that I insisted that he send me the tutorial. So this project is based on that tutorial, it’s not completely original, but I did improvise as they did not have the bed frame in stock that I wanted to use, so instead I had to use the cheaper Nieden Frame. Seeing the before and after of this project proves what an anchor a headboard can be. This beautiful green-grey upholstered bed frame really makes the room.

DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed


DIY Upholstered Bed


Ikea Hack Upholstered bed

DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed


STEP 1. Screw plywood to front of existing headboard.

DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed

STEP 2. use the 1”x3” lumber to build a “box as shown below.

DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed
DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed

STEP 3. Cut batting and wrap side rails and foot of bed. Use the staple gun to secure in place. Careful to keep the corners and edges as clean as possible. I took several photos below to best show my wrapping technique.

DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed
DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed
DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed

STEP 4. Cut and wrap the headboard with batting. I used the remainder of batting to wrap the top edge and corners with an extra layer. Use the staple gun to secure in place.

DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed

STEP 5. Cut and wrap the head board with fabric or blanket. Fold the corners and trim to keep as clean as possible. Again, I added detailed shots to try and show how I folded and tucked the fabric.

DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed
  • I did not finish the back of the headboard, since I knew it would be hidden.

DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed
DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed

STEP 7. Cut and wrap the side rails and foot. Secure in place with staple gun. Again, play around with folding and tucking at the corners to get the cleanest look.

DIY Ikea Hack Upholstered Bed

Ikea Hack // Kid's Play Kitchen

Oliver turned 2 last week!  If you haven't been following along, we celebrated in Disney World!  More to come on that, but before we left we gave the birthday boy his gift, a play kitchen.  Every time we've gone to a friend's who has one, he runs right to it.  He also tells me literally everyday that he makes pizza in the kitchen at school, plus if you ever look at my Instagram stories, you will know he loves to help momma make dinner and bake cakes.  I knew I wanted to get him one for his birthday, and I knew it had to be a special one.  So I called in the DIY guns to hack the Ikea Duktig kid's play kitchen and styled it out with a few lovely details, including this felt letter menu.  Keep reading to find out exactly what I did and to see adorable photos of Ollie opening his present.  

Ikea+Hack+Kids+kitchen (1).jpeg
Ikea+Kids+Kitchen+Hack (1).jpeg


Before assembly, spray paint the the base and shelf pieces.  All pieces that are not already white, except for the counter top.  

Kids+Ikea+Kitchen+Hack (1).jpeg

I sanded, pre-stained and stained the counter top to make it a few shades darker


The subway tile backsplash is actually foam board with sharpie drawn tiles!  I was planning something much more complicated, but I had these supplies and it looks just as good as what I was thinking.  

Once you assemble, replace the plastic handles with the metal ones, using the extra bolts (not the ones that come with the knobs). 

Drill three holes under the stove to add the knobs.  

Style with charm!  

Ikea Hack // Fauxdenza

I know I know this isn't a unique project, but it's one I've wanted to do for so long!  Many of the other media stations I actually liked were upwards of $1000, and this DIY cost about $300.  I love the clean look of the streamlined entertainment center.  Most of the other tutorials I found don't go the extra step and finish trimming off the bottom of the piece with a wood panel, but I really think it looks much more finished when framed out entirely.  Hope you're inspired to make an Ikea run this weekend!! 

DIY Fauxdenza



Step 1: Assemble the cabinets.

Step 2. cut a hole in the back of the cabinet for the outlet.

Step 3. Hang cabinets.  This step, I actually had help with, my father-in-law lent a hand in following the Ikea directions and installing.

download (1).jpeg

Step 4. prepare the trim of the fauxdenza. I had them cut the plywood for me at Home Depot.  Four pieces:

  1. Top - the length of the cabinets plus 1 5/8" to cover the side panels, and depth of the cabinets, with doors, plus about 1/4" - (for ours 91 5/8" x 15 3/8")

  2. Bottom - the length of the cabinets plus 1 5/8" to cover the side panels, and depth of the cabinets without the doors, MINUS about 1" to leave room for cords.  Note - the bottom panel cannot be under doors, or you will not be able to open - (for ours 91 5/8" x 14")

  3. Sides, cut 2 - depth of the cabinets with doors plus 1/2" (same as top piece), height of cabinets - (for ours 20" x 15 3/8")

Step 4: Follow the instructions to add the plywood edge tape on three sides for the top and bottom panels and just one long side on each of the side panels.

Step 5. Sand and stain the trim. 


Step 6. install the trim.  Start with the side panels, use wood glue and the brad nailer to attach to sides of cabinets.  Line up with top and front of cabinet. 

Next install the top panel, and secure in place with wood glue and the brad nailer.  Line up with front of cabinet and edge of side panels.

 Finally grab a partner to hold the bottom panel in place and generously use the brad nailer to secure.  Line up with side panels and cabinet body (not doors).

Step 7. Drill a hole in the top of the cabinet with 1 1/2" bit, for the wires to feed through.  

download (2).jpeg

Step 8. Style and enjoy!

Ikea Hack // Mid-Century Dresser

Our upstairs hallway bath is one of the first major remodel projects I want to tackle down the road.  Eventually I hope to add a shower and make it more functional as a kids bath.  But for now, I changed out the mirror, and painted over the horrid gold color that was on the wall with some navy paint I actually had left over from our apartment in the city.  The bathroom is pretty small, but it was also completely empty, so I decided it needed a little dresser, but since this room is used so rarely, I didn't want to spend a lot of money.  Enter this week's edition of #kosterhouse Ikea Hacks!  

I just loved what Sarah Sherman Samuel did with her Tarva dresser for her son's nursery.  I took that idea and put my own spin on it for our little hallway bathroom.  I opted for the smaller, three drawer model.  Like Sarah, I painted, shaped the legs and changed out the hardware.  Keep reading to get the step by step.      

Mid-Century Dresser Ikea Hack.jpeg
Ikea+Hack+Dresser (1).jpeg


STEP 1: Assemble the dresser, but do not add the base, the legs or the knobs.

STEP 2: Fill the knob holes with spackling.  Let dry, then sand smooth.

STEP 3: Spray paint the body and drawers.  I recommend taping off the insides to keep them looking nice.  You will probably need a couple coats.

STEP 4: measure and drill for your new wider pulls.

STEP 4: Cut the legs on an angle.  I used a miter saw, but my blade wasn't big enough for a smooth cut.  I worked, but I don't think it's the best tool for this job.


STEP 5: Pre-stain/Stain the legs and base.  

STEP 6: Finish assembly.

Ikea Hack // Desk Two Ways

Hi friends, hope you had a lovely weekend.  I am back with another Ikea Hack.  This one is so simple it'll leave you saying "duh!"  I took the $40 Vittsjo laptop desk and made it look much, much more expensive than that.  This is seriously so simple I don't even have a tutorial for you.  I went Home Depot and had a piece of wood cut to 39 1/2" x 14 1/4".  Don't use plywood unless you like the look of the stacked edges.  I used this 18" wide pine board.  I stained the board with Minwax Polyshades in Mission Oak.  Set the board on top and voila!  Told you it was easy!  If you are using this piece of furniture a lot, I would advise gluing the top to the base.  And, for the vanity I spray painted the base white for a slightly more feminine look.  

Here is the finished Vittsjo hack in my bedroom as a vanity.  

Ikea+Hack+Vanity (1).jpeg

Ikea Hack // Slim Desk

Oh yeah!  I am so excited to share the first of several Ikea Hacks I've completed in the new house.  And this one is my favorite too!  My husband, Kyle, works from home.  He blogs for The Big Lead, and often has to be in front of the TV for work.  At our old place, he had a desk, but when you sat there, there was no view of the TV, so he didn't use it all that often and usually opted for the coach instead.  When we moved into this house, with the big living room, I knew I wanted to give him a nice, comfortable place to work, I planed to put a desk behind the sofa, since there is room and it is the perfect spot for him sit.  There is space behind the sofa, but not too much space, so I had to get creative to find the perfect piece.  So creative, that I just ended up making it, using an Ikea Ekby Alex Shelf.  

Ikea+Hack+Slim+Desk (1).jpeg


A few notes on the boards.  1" x 12" is a standard board width, which is actually 3/4" x 11", so it's actually 3/8" shy of ideal width for this project.  I went with it anyway, because I knew this was backing up to a soft surface, however a perfectionist would probably want to get it cut exactly with the measurements I give above.  Additionally, my main reason for this hack was to create a slim desk to fit in the small space I needed it for, but secondly, I was hoping to save a few bucks and I would have, but I unknowingly bought oak for the wood.  While very beautiful, Oak is much more expensive and is sold by the foot.  If I had it to do over again, I would have bought a wider piece of pine and had it ripped (cut length wise) to 11 3/8" 


I had them cut my boards at Home Depot, so I sanded the edges and was ready to pre-stain and stain. 


Once stained and dried, I used the brad nailer to attach it to the shelf

Ikea+Hack+Slim+Desk (2).jpeg
Ikea+Hack+Slim+Desk (3).jpeg

And finally, drilled the legs to the bottom, flip it right side up and voila, your finished!