Utility Jumpsuit

Not long ago I went shopping in SOHO, and I kid you not, at least four girls working in shops around the neighborhood were wearing utility jumpsuits. So, it’s cool girl thing to wear. Even after seeing a slew of cute and fashionable shop girls sporting this look, I wasn’t quite ready to get behind it. I still felt it was a little too mechanic for me. Flash forward a few months and I think I’m warming up to the idea. And it’s good timing, because there are so many fantastic options at every price point. Would you rock this look?

Utility Jump Suit
Utility Jumpsuit
Utility Jumpsuit

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Little Yellow Jumper

Since moving I've pretty much put myself on a shopping hiatus, with few exceptions. One of those exceptions was this little yellow jumpsuit. I'm always on the hunt for jumpsuits. I like to wear a jumpsuit when I work weddings. They are often more polished than jeans and not as uptight as other pants, plus I can bend over, climb a ladder, crawl around on the ground or any other maneuver I need to do on a wedding day.

I've got to be honest, when I came across this linen jumpsuit at Target, I wasn't so sure I could pull it off. After trying it on, I still wasn't so sure I could pull it off, but after basically living in it the last few weeks, I'm here to tell you that I don't really care if I can pull off a baggy jumpsuit, because this is basically the best garment ever made! I'm kidding, kind of, but I love the cool relaxed vibes it gives off and it basically feels like I'm wearing pajamas. Paired with a straw hat and my woven leather slides I look like I'm ready for a fabulous wellness retreat in Ojai. 

Summer outfit
Linen Jumpsuit
Yellow Jumpsuit
Yellow Linen Jumpsuit
Toddler with flowers FTW!

I just can't with this kid. He melts my heart.