2018 Gift Guide // Mom So Hard

This was supposed to go up on Friday, but sheesh I have been going a million miles a minute trying to do all the things for the house and for the holiday season. The blog has taken a back seat to life, but there is so much I am excited to share, starting with my final gift guide - Mom so hard. Because mom’s make the world go round, and they deserve some extra love for all they do, I put together a special, indulgent gift guide.

  1. Ça Suffit Tee - pronounced SAH-SUE-FIE - means "That’s Enough” in French, often used as an exclamation when someone is mad or exasperated, proceeds from this tee support one of my biggest causes, Everytown for Gun Safety.

  2. Powersheet Planner - because mama’s got big goals and needs help organizing herself to accomplish them!

  3. PJ set - thinking a pretty set of PJs should be a permanent staple on my Christmas list

  4. ceramic mug - cause there is never enough coffee or enough cute mugs

  5. bike trailer - now that we live in a darling neighborhood and have places to ride a bike, I want to be prepared come spring!

  6. to-go salad container - I bring my lunch almost everyday and a high functioning container would be life changing.

  7. multi use utensils - I am obsessed with having intentional and beautiful items in my home and kitchen. I want to toss (or donate) the utensils I bought back in my collage days and trade up for well designed fresh items

  8. a facial - because I deserve it!

  9. Swedish Hasbeen clogs - I have been coveting a pair of these “mom shoes” for years, and I just love this shade of blush


5 Summer-Chic Mom Looks

What's your go-to outfit to "mom" in? Should be comfy, low maintenance and require little thought, right? Do you find yourself reaching for your yoga pants a little too often, or are you guilty of staying in your gym clothes one too many days in the week? In summer, I find myself living in cut-offs and loose tank tees. We're doing a million things trying to get out the door, and looking put together for a play date falls to the bottom of the list. I am looking to elevate my playground style and branch out so I've rounded up a five super low maintenance casual looks that you can "mom so hard" in. 


mom style


mom style


Mom Style


Mom Style


Mom Style

photos: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 


Announcing Mother's Day Styled Sessions!!

I'm thrilled to be teaming up with my friend Anika once again, to offer styled Mother's Day sessions! Last year was such a hit that we are back again! I will be providing wardrobe and styling services, plus hair and make and refreshments. Scroll down to see some shots of the gorgeous moms from last year and get the details for this year's event. 

Mother's Day Sessions
Mother's Day Session
Mothers Day Session
Mother's+Day+Mini+Session (2).jpeg
Mother's Day Session

All stunning photos by A. Fatouros Photography.