Modern Office Organization

The last time my office got an official “overhaul” was back in 2014, you can see the throwback here. When the trends were still very bright and cheery and my aesthetic gravitated toward Oh Joy, rather than minimal and clean. These days I’m loving white, bright and light wood tones (as evident by the rest of the house). Still with some subtle pops of color.

I have A LOT of crap to hide, so as much as I want to actually be minimal, I need storage and organization. I am planning to tackle our basement level soon, but a complete office overhaul isn’t in the cards at the moment. I will slowly start to update and improve storage solutions in my office, maybe get it up to an instagramable level soon. Below are is my inspiration and clean picks for storage and organization.

Modern Desk Accessories


Clean Beauty Update

It’s been a minute since I’ve talked here about my clean beauty journey. This pregnancy has brought out major skin issues, my psoriasis has flared to a level far beyond any flares that I have experienced in the past. I continue to use my topical steroid, but want to limit the use as much as possible because I am growing a little one. One option to combat psoriasis during pregnancy is called light therapy. Essentially you go into a tanning-type chamber, without the harmful rays. You start off going for 1 minute and build up to a few minutes and the UV rays are good for healing the skin. I avoided this treatment because I found out my insurance would charge me a a $40 copay each visit (twice/week). I got some new info that in fact they would not charge me a copay. So I began going to light therapy twice a week. It was true that my insurance company did not charge a copay, but to my dismay they did not cover the treatment in full, thus I received a bill for over $500 and promptly stopped this treatment.

All that to say, I had to find other, less costly methods, to offer relief for my skin problems. I had already switched most of my shower products, but so previously I had been looking for great clean make-up options. Because of my skin issues, I shifted focus to finding products that could help heal my skin. Currently, my psoriasis is still flared compared to pre-pregnancy, however the products below have offered some relief.

Clean Beauty Favorites

Koki Eczema Cream - I found this locally made cream at a market a few weeks back. Normally in the summer I just use a light body oil, as opposed to a heavy skin cream, but since my psoriasis has been flaring, I have been altering between this eczema cream and the Psoriasis Honey Serum, and so far it’s working great.

Maple Holistic Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo - This clarifying shampoo naturally gets rid of build up. Because my scalp is a place where I have particularly bad skin issues this shampoo has really helped. I was hesitant to make the switch because I love the smell and feel of the other Maple Holistic, Silk 18, shampoo I use, . But now I have converted to mixing it up and using the Apple Cider shampoo once or twice a week.

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Shave Soap - I didn’t start using this product to help improve my skin, but rather for the sake of my plumbing. For years I have used coconut oil to shave my legs. It works great and smells great, but leaves my shower a mess! Once I used up my latest jar of coconut oil, I set out on a quest to find a clean shaving product. I already love Dr. Bronner’s soap, so I gave this shave soap a try. I love it! My shower is so much cleaner and my legs feel fresh on the daily. My biggest complaint is that it is tough to squeeze out of the bottle.

Psoriasis Honey Skin Serum - I have been using this product for a little more than a week, in lieu of my argon or coconut oil I regularly use post shower in the summer months. As I mentioned above I rotate between this light oil and the heavier eczema cream. Out of the gate is a great combination. The oil has a lovely, light honey-sweet smell and leaves my skin hydrated without feeling oily at all.

Light Wood Dresser Round-Up

Over here on the hunt for the perfect light wood dresser for the baby room. I thought I had found it in the Morris Dresser from Urban Outfitters. It’s the perfect size for a changing pad, modern lines, light wood color and the price is right. It was the first piece I pulled the trigger on for the nursery and it arrived broken. I also ended up thinking the color was more yellow than I liked, so I decided to return and restart my search. This wood tone is definitely trending, but it is not out there in a big way, especially in real wood furniture. You see this tone a lot in cheap MDF furniture. The tone compliments neutral color palettes not only for nurseries, but I could absolutely see it in a California modern guest or even master. For the room I’m working on, I haven’t made any official decision, but I am leaning toward the Nash from West Elm.



Modrn At Walmart!

You guys will not believe these pieces are from Walmart! They introduced a new collection called Modrn and they really really stepped up their game with this one. Some of these images rival CB2! I cannot attest to the quality, but dang, I would love to get my hands on these pieces and try them out in person! Scroll down to see my favorite picks from the collection.

Modrn at Walmart
Modrn at Walmart
Modrn at Walmart

Modrn at Walmart


2018 Gift Guide // Home Goods

As a gal who just bought a new house, if you guessed my Christmas list was 95% home goods, you’d be correct. I’m coveting all kinds of updated pretty things to sprinkle into my assortment.

Home Goods Gift Guide
  1. Marble Chain - this accessory would take any surface to the next level

  2. Wood Candlesticks - love these minimal handmade candlesticks as fresh mantel decor

  3. Handmade napkins - moving toward zero waste will be easier with these sweet hand-printed napkins

  4. Mid-century planter - every plant needs a pretty home

  5. dish rack - starting over in a new house makes me want to have well-designed everything, even the dish rack

  6. Get It Together! - Do you follow Orlando Soria? He is hilarious! I cannot wait to dive into his undoubtedly funny book

  7. desk lamp - because my desk needs an upgrade

  8. fancy slippers - since I’m upping my game everywhere else, how about sequined fuzzy slippers too!?

  9. pottery class - I’ve been dying to take a pottery class, think it would be a great night out with a girl friend or even a solo mom’s night off

Color of the Fall // Rust

Everywhere I look I see this color! Rust is a non-neutral, neutral and so perfect for fall. It pairs perfectly with saffron or tan and unexpectedly well with bush and blue. What’s your favorite color of the season?

Color of the Fall: Rust
Color of the Fall: Rust
Color of the Fall: Rust

photos: 1 / 2 / 3

rust round up

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Fall Capsule Shopping List

Maybe I've just been away from most of my clothes for too long, but I am craving a real legit shopping spree. Two-thirds of my wardrobe is in storage while we transition into our new (yet to be found) home, that includes the entirety of my fall wardrobe. Girl doesn't even have one sweater in my possession! All I have is about a 50 piece capsule wardrobe. I have been loving capsule wardrobe living for the most part, but for fall I am looking for some good, quality fall classics to add to the mix and make my current capsule more seasonal appropriate. In one of my most recent closet clean outs, I ditched the cropped glen plaid blazer I bought for interviews in 2006. I would like to replace with an updated style. I love the cute little denim dress on the list, would look darling with a t-shirt and sneakers and equally cute with boots and a turtle neck. I've forever been coveting a pair of traditional Swedish clogs and the blush babies below are perfect! Probably my favorite item on this list is that suede wrap skirt, it is so fabulous! 



Modern Coffee Maker Round Up

Do you have a cheap-o coffee maker you got has a wedding gift? Queue the raised hand emoji! Ours does the job, but it does not vibe with our style and it takes up so much room on our kitchen counter. We are coffee people and brew our own coffee people, so we use our coffee maker on the daily, but I want something beautiful that looks as pretty as the styled shot below. Superficial I know, chances are I'll wait until ours craps out, but nonetheless, I've been thinking about an upgrade. I rounded up a few of my favorite modern coffee makers on the market. There is something for all the coffee people from french press to espresso. 

Modern Coffee Maker Round Up
Modern Coffee Maker Round Up