One Room Challenge Week 6 // Sunroom Reveal

Here we are! Another One Room Challenge Reveal. I’m equally obsessed with this room and the photographs Collette from The Lipstick Lens took of the space. I have spent the last six weeks taking our sunroom room from woodsy room to a modern space that fits our home and bridges the inside to the outside. And I did all this while in my second trimester! Toot toot! If you haven’t seen the progress, you can check it out here.

A HUGE thank you to Merola Tile for helping out with the tile. This wouldn’t be the space it is without the patterned tile. And a thank you to my favorite Grand Rapids boutique, Modrn GR for outfitting me with some perfect accessories. And of course, thank you to The One Room Challenge team and Better Homes and Gardens for hosting. Don’t forget to check out all the other room reveals here.

Lauren Koster Creative Sunroom Makeover
Lauren Koster Creative - Sunroom Makeover
Lauren Koster Creative - Sunroom Makeover
Lauren Koster Creative - Sunroom Makeover


Sunroom Before
Sunroom Before


  • primed

  • painted (Behr - Polar Bear) multiple coats!

  • removed carpet

  • laid sub floor

  • tiled

  • shopped for plants and furniture

  • styled!

Lauren Koster Creative - Sunroom Makeover
Lauren Koster Creative - Sunroom Makeover
Lauren Koster Creative - Sunroom Makeover
Lauren Koster Creative - Sunroom Makeover



One Room Challenge Week 5 // DIY Table Update

We have made it to the last week of the One Room Challenge! If you haven’t been following along, I’ve spent the last 5 weeks renovating my sunroom from log cabin to modern beach vibes. You can check out my progress from weeks 1-4 here. This time around (shockingly) I am not racing against the clock, I am putting the finishing touches on, and will be photographing the final reveal on Friday!! I am THRILLED with the room and I cannot wait to share it with you.

Today I have a couple sneak peeks to share. Last week I talked light fixtures and rounded up 9 awesome woven light fixtures. I ended up going with this classic Ikea fixture, which I actually bought months ago when this room was only an idea in my mind.

One Room Challenge - Sunroom

I did not buy a whole lot of furniture for this space, just the chair you’ll see in the last photo and this credenza from Target. The other pieces were moved from our old house and were kind of homeless. That is the beauty of buying furniture with similar styles and in the same color family, then you can mix, match, move, style and restyle. The piece that stuck out like a sore thumb to me, was this bright gold table bought at Target circa 2011. I didn’t really have the budget to drop another $100 on the table I really wanted here, so in the words of Tim Gun, I “made it work.” I spray painted it with matte black spray paint I had left over from a previous project. I bought a table top from Hobby Lobby and coated it with polyurethane I had from this daybed project. And glued the top to the base with Liquid Nails. Bam! New table!

DIY side table update

I think it fits the space so much better.

DIY side table update


One Room Challenge

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One Room Challenge Week 4 // We Tiled and Choosing a Light Fixture

If you are just finding me here, I have been participating in my third One Room Challenge. A bi-annual blogger series where 20 or so featured bloggers and dozens more set out to make-over a room in 6 weeks and document their progress on their blog and social media.

For me these past two weeks have been a marathon! Last week I laid the cement subfloor on Monday, for about 7 hours, I tiled on Friday for 8 hours, started grouting on Saturday and finished yesterday. Did I mention I’m 22 weeks pregnant?

Hallelujah the tile is in, grouted and I scrubbed the floor twice today! The hard part is over, now the fun part! Bringing in the furniture, shopping for accessories and plants, lots of plants! Here is a shot of the room tiled with the fabulous (and affordable) cement-look porcelain tiles from Merola.

One Room Challenge - Tiled Sunroom
One Room Challenge - Sunroom Tile

This week on the docket I will move my furniture back in from scattered around the rest of the house and hang a woven light fixture. I just love the look of these pendants. I think the sunroom is begging for one, but I love how people have been using these type of fixtures in unexpected ways. Below I rounded up 9 awesome woven pendant options of all price points. Can’t wait to share which I chose!

Woven Pendant Round-up



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One Room Challenge Week 3 // Tile Prep

Here we are at the half way point, week 3. If you have not been following along, I’ll quick fill you in. I am tackling my third One Room Challenge, a bi-annual online blogger event where 20 featured bloggers and hundreds of others make-over a room in 6 weeks and document their progress on their blog and social media.

Modern Sunroom Make-over

This week was definitely not the most glamorous or the most satisfying week for the One Room Challenge. This was tile prep week. Last I checked in with you, I was choosing tile. I made my selection, a really well priced porcelain cement-look-a-like by Merola Tile. In fact, I partnered with Merola on this project, but truth be told, this is the tile I would have chosen no matter what.

Back to the prepping, we ripped the carpet up to discover wood subfloors instead of cement, I thought “great, I made the right choice with tile. I will just spread the mortar and start making it look pretty.” WRONG! After consulting with google, I learned that because the wood subfloor expands and contracts, you need to install a cement subfloor, using cement backer sheets.

One Room Challenge Progress

I followed this tutorial to install. I started off by myself, but quickly realized it is not a one person job. You must spread the mortar, lay the cement board, screw it down and get ready for the next board very quickly, before the excess mortar dries. Then as you work your way to the edges you need to score and cut the boards to fit. It was exhausting!! Thankfully my husband was there to help for most of it.

How to prep a wood subfloor for tile

Once you lay the boards, you need to tape and mortar the seams.

How to prep a wood subfloor for tile

I am not going to go into all the nitty-gritty details of the how-to, the video I linked to is an awesome resource, but I will give you a few tips.

  • you will need cement backer board to cover the area of the room (I used 1/4”), a trowel, backer board screws, a drill, joint tape, a sharp box cutter, mortar

  • I mixed my own mortar, but buy premixed to save a step

  • I repeat this is not a one person job, it’s much easier to keep things moving with at least two people, but honestly, I think three would be ideal

  • be sure your drill and a back up drill are charged. You will be using it A LOT

How to prep a wood subfloor for tile

Here is what the room currently looks like.

How to prep a wood subfloor for tile

What’s still left to do?

  • Tile

  • grout

  • clean the paint off windows

  • hang the awesome fireplace, I cannot wait to show you

  • hang the light fixture

  • assemble and move in furniture

  • hang art

The tile and grout should be done by next week, then the fun part! Shopping, styling, hanging, arranging and rearranging!

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One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge Week 2 // Black and White Patterned Tiles

One week has lapsed in the One Room Challenge, we are hard at work on our sunroom. You can see my design plan and inspiration in case you skipped Week 1. I’ve been knee deep in painting land. If you’ve been following along on my stories, you know that I’ve applied four coats of paint to our raw wood paneling in the sunroom. I think we are finally ready to move on to the next phase, operation tile. I have vetted every single option out there. I LOVE the look of patterned cement tile, but worried it wouldn’t be in my budget. So I also found options for the cement-look porcelain tile. And if that didn’t work out, I considered painted and stenciling the floor.

My room is about 160 sq/ft, with wastage I’d need about 200 sq/ft. So here is how it the budget shakes out with the three different options.

  • My favorite (budget) cement tile, Labyrinth is $13 sq/ft = $2600 + grout and mortar

  • My favorite porcelain tile is Vertex by Merola, $2.75 = $500 + grout and mortar

  • If I were to paint I would use Valspar Porch and Floor Paint $30 one gallon for base, and a quart, $15 for design, + the stencil $13 = $58

I have selected and ordered my tile, in fact, it got delivered today. But, you’ll have to check in next week to see what I chose. Before I reveal, I will show you below all the black and white patterned tile options I considered before making a final call. And don’t forget to follow along with all the other One Room Challenge participants!


photo:  Jean Stoffer

Cement Tiles: 1. Code Talker / 2. Lile / 3. Labyrinth / 4. Royalty / 5. Azemour / 6. Chawen / 7. Medina Tile / 8. Diagonal Eight Shades / 9. Rissani


photo:  Design Sponge
Modern Black & White Porcelain Tile


Modern Tile Stencils


One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge Week 1 // Sunroom Plans

I’m doing it again. I’m a glutton for punishment. I’m tackling another One Room Challenge! If you don’t know, the One Room Challenge is a big bi-annual blogger event where 20 featured designers and many guest participants make-over a room in 6 weeks and document their progress weekly on their blog or Instagram.

We moved into our home mid-November and it being winter in Michigan we have not used our sunroom once. This is a fantastic room, we will absolutely live in all summer long. Currently it’s a non-heated, fully enclosed room with three sliding glass doors, very raw wood paneling, beautiful glass double doors into the kitchen and some bad track lighting. It is basically a wood box waiting for my love!

My plan is to give it a coat (or several) of my favorite white paint, Polar Bear by Behr, then rip out the carpet and either lay tile or stencil a really cool pattern. I already have most of the furniture I will use, so it will be a matter of cosmetic and styling and adding a lot more plants. I really want this to feel like a true indoor/outdoor seamless space. Since we don’t have a dining room, our dinning table will live here, a long with a little lounge area and a buffet with cocktail-making fixins.

This project is going to be significantly less work that my last One Room Challenge (my mom’s very dated kitchen), but my schedule is a lot crazier and on reveal day I will be 24 weeks pregnant! So follow along and let’s see how I fare!


One Room Challenge - Sunroom Inspiration
One Room Challenge - Sunroom Inspiration
One Room Challenge - Sunroom Inspiration


One Room Challenge - before
One Room Challenge - The before


One Room Challenge Sunroom Plans



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