Awesome Deck Update

I’ve been working my butt off getting the inside of the house up to snuff, I have not had much of a chance to tackle the outside. That and the weather here in Michigan was cold until mid April, then raining since then. My decking out the deck was set back a little. This past week I finally got around to assembling my new outdoor furniture. My one big outdoor furniture purchase this summer was an outdoor sofa. I love the one I found at World Market for a really great price. 20% right now for Rewards members. No seating area would be complete without a table top set your summer cocktail and prop your feet up. I partnered with Autonomous for this beautiful teak wood table. I loved the beautiful wood and the detail of the curved edges. Our deck stretches across the entire back of our house and this section is directly outside our master bedroom. Thanks to Autonomous, this is the perfect spot for a drink, or hanging out after dinner. This is also the place where I’m going to set up our outdoor movie night and I picture a lot of baby snuggles happening here this fall.

Next up, sprucing up the front porch!

Awesome Outdoor Deck Update
Awesome Outdoor Deck Update
Awesome Outdoor Deck Update

Wax Poetic - The Perfect Locally Made Wedding Favor

Last week I was invited to Wax Poetic, a local candle making shop with a few other wedding professionals to learn about their custom wedding favors and gifts. It was such a fun experience to choose my scents and make my candle, I can can’t wait to tell my clients about this amazing, Grand Rapids-made idea for personalized wedding favors.

A couple can come in for the candle making experience, choose their own scents, that have special meaning to them or their story. And then Wax Poetic will custom make candles for your guests starting at just a couple of bucks!

Outside of personalized favors and gifts, Wax Poetic is a great spot of a stop on a bachelorette party. They have a private room for rent, were you can bring alcohol and have a fun night making candles and a lovely souvenir to bring home.

Wax Poetic Personalized Candles

The space is so cute and well designed and conveniently located in East Town Grand Rapids near shops and restaurants.

Wax Poetic Personalized Candles

This is one of three walls of fragrances to choose from to make your candle.

Wax Poetic Personalized Candles

Then there is a lot of sniffing and a little mixing.

Wax Poetic Personalized Candles

I narrowed it down to a combo of basil, mahogany and rose petals. And because they ask you to come up with a creative name, we decided on “summer armchair” for my candle.

Wax Poetic Personalized Candles

Lindsay from Paper Hat weddings, Katie from Katie Makes and Kyleigh from By Kyleigh Rose made a great candle making crew.

Wax Poetic Personalized Candles

Here she is making my home smell lovely.

Wax Poetic Personalized Candles

Whether you are a bride or groom looking for a favor or not, I highly recomend the candle making experience at Wax Poetic.

Baby #2 Nursery Inspiration

In case you missed the news over on instagram, we are having another boy!! I am excited, but stumped. I am stumped on names, stumped on room design. Last time around I had a boy room and a girl room designed and waiting in the docket. This time around, I am less prepared. I think I’m going with something gender neutral, and very earthy. These images are my jumping off point to finally pull the trigger on something, anything for baby boy #2.

Happiness Project Month 5

When I started my happiness project back in January I was off on such a good foot. I really did spend the month organizing my life and making things work better for me, my family and my home. In February I focused on finances and a few road blocks and life circumstances threw me off. Now I feel like I’m playing catch up and trying to check all my unchecked items off my list whilst tackling my new month items.

In April I was supposed to focus on marriage and it didn’t quite go the way I wanted it to. Ironically Kyle and I had one of our biggest fights of our relationship that started over the dog eating Oliver’s Easter candy. Such a dumb fight. While we did do a good job getting out on dates and holding to our commitment of spending one-on-one time together, that’s about all I can give myself credit for. I may have sheepishly crossed off “being grateful for my husband everyday.” Technically true, I doubt I communicated those feelings to him. I’m happy that May’s focus piggy backs on April and gives me an opportunity for redemption while I focus my attitude.


  • one date a week
  • make more time for sex
  • be grateful for my husband every day
  • let it go
  • don't pick fights
  • go out of my way to do acts of kindness

Photo by  Piero Istrice  on  Unsplash


  • start each morning with a 10 minute meditation, focusing on my outlook and attitude for the day
  • take mental note of negativity and complaining
  • resist raising my voice to my family
  • do an act of kindness each day
  • let it go. Whatever it is, let it go.
  • Do all things with love

One Room Challenge Spring 2019 Favorites

The One Room Challenge is kind of like a marathon (I ran one way back 2008), you work really really hard, feel so accomplished when it’s over and come away with feel a real sense of community with your fellow runners at the end. Everyone’s walking around with their medals and you just want to hug them all and tell them they did a great job. So here is my hug to my fellow One Room Challenge participants, a round-up of my very favorite rooms from this season's crop of amazing reveals. Check out my favorite and go take a look at the rest of the rooms here.












One Room Challenge Week 6 // Sunroom Reveal

Here we are! Another One Room Challenge Reveal. I’m equally obsessed with this room and the photographs Collette from The Lipstick Lens took of the space. I have spent the last six weeks taking our sunroom room from woodsy room to a modern space that fits our home and bridges the inside to the outside. And I did all this while in my second trimester! Toot toot! If you haven’t seen the progress, you can check it out here.

A HUGE thank you to Merola Tile for helping out with the tile. This wouldn’t be the space it is without the patterned tile. And a thank you to my favorite Grand Rapids boutique, Modrn GR for outfitting me with some perfect accessories. And of course, thank you to The One Room Challenge team and Better Homes and Gardens for hosting. Don’t forget to check out all the other room reveals here.

Lauren Koster Creative Sunroom Makeover
Lauren Koster Creative - Sunroom Makeover
Lauren Koster Creative - Sunroom Makeover
Lauren Koster Creative - Sunroom Makeover


Sunroom Before
Sunroom Before


  • primed

  • painted (Behr - Polar Bear) multiple coats!

  • removed carpet

  • laid sub floor

  • tiled

  • shopped for plants and furniture

  • styled!

Lauren Koster Creative - Sunroom Makeover
Lauren Koster Creative - Sunroom Makeover
Lauren Koster Creative - Sunroom Makeover
Lauren Koster Creative - Sunroom Makeover



May Mood Board

Have you been following along with my crazy month over on Instagram. I’ve been slacking on the blog posts, because I’ve been up to my ears in amazing projects! Of course you know I’ve been working away on the One Room Challenge. But this week was the culmination of two big fun projects I’m excited to share with you! I created decor and styled a party for a fabulous food blogger, Liz from The Lemon Bowl. I also created a series of backdrops for a huge local fashion show, the Boutiques of West Michigan, hosted by my favorite Grand Rapids shop, Marie La Mode. I am so grateful to be working on fun projects that I am so so excited about!

This month is all about gearing up for wedding season, and because I love to push myself to the limits, hopefully pulling off an editorial using this mood board as inspiration. What are you tackling this month?

Spring Editorial Mood Board

One Room Challenge Week 5 // DIY Table Update

We have made it to the last week of the One Room Challenge! If you haven’t been following along, I’ve spent the last 5 weeks renovating my sunroom from log cabin to modern beach vibes. You can check out my progress from weeks 1-4 here. This time around (shockingly) I am not racing against the clock, I am putting the finishing touches on, and will be photographing the final reveal on Friday!! I am THRILLED with the room and I cannot wait to share it with you.

Today I have a couple sneak peeks to share. Last week I talked light fixtures and rounded up 9 awesome woven light fixtures. I ended up going with this classic Ikea fixture, which I actually bought months ago when this room was only an idea in my mind.

One Room Challenge - Sunroom

I did not buy a whole lot of furniture for this space, just the chair you’ll see in the last photo and this credenza from Target. The other pieces were moved from our old house and were kind of homeless. That is the beauty of buying furniture with similar styles and in the same color family, then you can mix, match, move, style and restyle. The piece that stuck out like a sore thumb to me, was this bright gold table bought at Target circa 2011. I didn’t really have the budget to drop another $100 on the table I really wanted here, so in the words of Tim Gun, I “made it work.” I spray painted it with matte black spray paint I had left over from a previous project. I bought a table top from Hobby Lobby and coated it with polyurethane I had from this daybed project. And glued the top to the base with Liquid Nails. Bam! New table!

DIY side table update

I think it fits the space so much better.

DIY side table update


One Room Challenge

Don’t forget to follow along with the other blogger’s progress here!