My Mantra for 2019: Do All Things With Love

2018 was a year of BIG change. I moved across the country and changed careers. I knew that was the plan, so at the onset I choose not a word, but a mantra for the year, “let it go.” It was tough, but I was forced to let go of so many things. This year, I decided to implement that practice again. I choose a new mantra, “do all things with love.” I made a little vision board for my year depicting not only my hopes and dreams for the year, but also how I want 2019 to feel.

2019 Vision Board

clockwise from upper left: tablescape / cafe / Do all things with love / desk / bride and groom / white shirt / pampas grass heart

I want 2019 to feel warm, inviting, friendly and fun. I want it to be filled friends, family, entertaining and amazing creative, trusting clients. I want just the right amount of things, and to say “goodbye” to the items, people and plans that don’t serve me. I want to be 100% intentional about what I let into my home, space and life. I want to “do all things with love.” If I don’t love it, I want to find a way to love it or find a way to rid it from my life.

Last year was all about pressing the reset button, but I didn’t really reboot until mid November when I started new jobs and moved into our new house. This is the year of the rebuild, starting at ground zero and I have big big dreams for 2019, including more work on the house, some amazing weddings on the docket, hopefully some travel, learning new skills and making lots of beautiful things! I cannot wait to see what 2019 has to offer!