June Mood Board

June is here, the flowers are blooming and the summer event calendar is filling up over here!

This month the fam is taking a little babymoon to Charleston! It’s been a while since our last vacation, like well over a year, so we are excited to get away, even if it’s just for a few days. None of us have ever traveled to South Carolina, so we have a new state to cross off our list. We don’t have much planned, just to walk around, explore the city, hit the beach and enjoy our time as a family of three.

Once we get back, I hit the ground running on wedding and party season! I’m hosting a dinner party, building an installation, prepping for two photoshoots and a wedding, all in the back half of June! It’s going to be a wild few weeks, but I figure I may as well pack it in while I can before I’m too tired to keep going/have a newborn to tend to.

This month’s mood board is all about the art of entertaining. A simple stand out color can make maximum impact. Table settings don’t have to be elaborate to wow and flickering candles can go a long way.

May Mood Board

Have you been following along with my crazy month over on Instagram. I’ve been slacking on the blog posts, because I’ve been up to my ears in amazing projects! Of course you know I’ve been working away on the One Room Challenge. But this week was the culmination of two big fun projects I’m excited to share with you! I created decor and styled a party for a fabulous food blogger, Liz from The Lemon Bowl. I also created a series of backdrops for a huge local fashion show, the Boutiques of West Michigan, hosted by my favorite Grand Rapids shop, Marie La Mode. I am so grateful to be working on fun projects that I am so so excited about!

This month is all about gearing up for wedding season, and because I love to push myself to the limits, hopefully pulling off an editorial using this mood board as inspiration. What are you tackling this month?

Spring Editorial Mood Board

Hello April!

Not a prank, it’s April! So much to look forward to! This month I am half way to baby!! And we find out if it’s a he or she!!

We are embarking on our third One Room Challenge! Stay tuned to find out what room we’re tackling, and check out my first and second ORC.

We are also working on getting locked and loaded for wedding season, prepping to style a fun party for my girl Liz from The Lemon Bowl. Plus, I have lots of fresh new content coming up including host a dinner party with some of my favorite local home influencers inspired by this very mood board!

What are you up to this month!?

Spring Dinner Party

Welcome March

Good Bye February!! It’s March! February, the shortest month of the year, felt FOOOOOREVER here on planet winter. And my projects really piled up on each other, in the best way! I am working with my friends at Mod Bettie to do photo booth backdrop installation each month for their events. My latest one will be up at the Better Body Image Conference tomorrow! I worked with the sweetest e-design client and I have curated a space for the Venue3Two Bridal Bazaar this Sunday, March 3rd!

This all pink mood board is for a styled shoot I am putting together with the super talented Alyssa McElheney and Cass and Jean Flower Co. The mood board also represents the lightness I feel moving into a new month and a new season.

I have big news coming next week! And I will feel lighter once I can get it off my chest!

Shades of Pink Mood Board

Hello February

Things are really heating up over here! We have so many little, exciting projects coming up this month! We are partnering with a few local businesses on fabulous installs, throwing a fourth birthday party for a special little someone (named Oliver) and prepping for a bridal show at the beautiful Venue3Two at the beginning of March, plus home projects and lots of fun client work!! Wow! I am exhausted just listing it all out! It’s going to be a fun month! Of course I’ll be brining you all along over on Instagram.

This mood board is for my bridal show area, because it’s way more than a booth, at Venue3Two. I get to create a tablescape, a backdrop and a lounge! I am pumped, but I have a lot of planning to do!!

February Mood Board

My Mantra for 2019: Do All Things With Love

2018 was a year of BIG change. I moved across the country and changed careers. I knew that was the plan, so at the onset I choose not a word, but a mantra for the year, “let it go.” It was tough, but I was forced to let go of so many things. This year, I decided to implement that practice again. I choose a new mantra, “do all things with love.” I made a little vision board for my year depicting not only my hopes and dreams for the year, but also how I want 2019 to feel.

2019 Vision Board

clockwise from upper left: tablescape / cafe / Do all things with love / desk / bride and groom / white shirt / pampas grass heart

I want 2019 to feel warm, inviting, friendly and fun. I want it to be filled friends, family, entertaining and amazing creative, trusting clients. I want just the right amount of things, and to say “goodbye” to the items, people and plans that don’t serve me. I want to be 100% intentional about what I let into my home, space and life. I want to “do all things with love.” If I don’t love it, I want to find a way to love it or find a way to rid it from my life.

Last year was all about pressing the reset button, but I didn’t really reboot until mid November when I started new jobs and moved into our new house. This is the year of the rebuild, starting at ground zero and I have big big dreams for 2019, including more work on the house, some amazing weddings on the docket, hopefully some travel, learning new skills and making lots of beautiful things! I cannot wait to see what 2019 has to offer!

Mood Board // Earthy Friendsgiving

I’ve been knee deep in the One Room Challenge, among other projects (more on those soon), and I got behind in my monthly mood board series. Better late than never. It’s November, so of course I had to dream up a pretty tablescape to inspire your Thanksgiving celebration. I love the soft colors of this dreamy mood board, it feels so earthy and natural with subtle hints of traditional fall elements in the dried flowers and greenery. I wish I had a dinning table set up and ready to style with this lovely scene.


Moody Dinner Party Mood Board

Welcome October, time to usher in the start of the holiday season. I have an INSANE and exciting month coming up here. I am doing my first ever bridal show, the Beer Hop Bridal Show on October 28th, so I have some prep happening for that. The One Room Challenge starts on Wednesday, when I will show you the scary before I’m working with on my mom’s kitchen, and I’m helping my friend Miranda of Thoughtfully Thrifted style a fabulous dinner party. That’s where the mood board comes in. The party will be on November 3, if you would like an invite, find @thoughtfullythrifted on insta and shoot her a DM. We are two newbies to West Michigan trying to cultivate relationships. As I mentioned, I have the honor of styling said party, which is truly an honor, because Miranda is a woman with amazing taste, I am thrilled she is trusting me to make it look fabulous! The vibe for the dinner party will be moody and slightly rustic. Since “thrifting” is in the name, I intend to shop my local thrift stores for pretty pottery dish ware, brass candlesticks and wood elements to create a cohesive moody look.