Hello February

Things are really heating up over here! We have so many little, exciting projects coming up this month! We are partnering with a few local businesses on fabulous installs, throwing a fourth birthday party for a special little someone (named Oliver) and prepping for a bridal show at the beautiful Venue3Two at the beginning of March, plus home projects and lots of fun client work!! Wow! I am exhausted just listing it all out! It’s going to be a fun month! Of course I’ll be brining you all along over on Instagram.

This mood board is for my bridal show area, because it’s way more than a booth, at Venue3Two. I get to create a tablescape, a backdrop and a lounge! I am pumped, but I have a lot of planning to do!!

February Mood Board

Moody Dinner Party Mood Board

Welcome October, time to usher in the start of the holiday season. I have an INSANE and exciting month coming up here. I am doing my first ever bridal show, the Beer Hop Bridal Show on October 28th, so I have some prep happening for that. The One Room Challenge starts on Wednesday, when I will show you the scary before I’m working with on my mom’s kitchen, and I’m helping my friend Miranda of Thoughtfully Thrifted style a fabulous dinner party. That’s where the mood board comes in. The party will be on November 3, if you would like an invite, find @thoughtfullythrifted on insta and shoot her a DM. We are two newbies to West Michigan trying to cultivate relationships. As I mentioned, I have the honor of styling said party, which is truly an honor, because Miranda is a woman with amazing taste, I am thrilled she is trusting me to make it look fabulous! The vibe for the dinner party will be moody and slightly rustic. Since “thrifting” is in the name, I intend to shop my local thrift stores for pretty pottery dish ware, brass candlesticks and wood elements to create a cohesive moody look.


Currently Shopping // Pottery Dinnerware

Although I'm not playing host this year, I know many of you are and it's that time of the year to step up your entertaining game. I am a fan of everyday dinnerware the looks as good set beautifully for a special occasion as it does for simple Sunday dinner. I'm sure there are other crazies out there like me who like to make a pretty table every once in a while. I am feeling the perfectly imperfect styling of the natural glazed pottery out there right now. Here are my picks that would add beautiful texture and color to your holiday table. 

Pottery Dinnerware

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine



Setting the Table with Home Depot

Are you guys Project Runway fans? I've watched almost every season. I was inspired by fan-favorite challenge, the "unconventional challenge," for this series. If you're not familiar, contestants must find items to make their garments from an unconventional store, i.e. not a fabric store. Once they had to find items from a hardware store, once from a candy shop and one time in the trash of an office building. I didn't go that extreme, but I wanted to choose shop or store to find items for a tablescape that you wouldn't traditionally think of to shop for tabletop goods. For this first edition I went to good old Home Depot. I mean, I'm there every weekend anyway.  Some of these items I even had in my garage already. I wanted to illustrate that you don't have to drop big bucks at Pottery Barn to get a beautiful table (I still love you PB), with a little creativity, you can even shop your garage!

Setting the Table with Home Depot

Items used:

  • Drop cloth with left over black paint
  • plywood
  • concrete DIY planters (tutorial coming soon)
Setting the Table with Home Depot
Setting the Table with Home Depot
Setting the Table with Home Depot
Setting the Table with Home Depot

The beautiful dinnerware was supplied by my friends at L'entramise, a shop full of fabulous disposable dishes and silverware, so perfect for an outdoor party.  I used: dinner plate in grey smoke / flatware in jett / tinted water glass in jet / stemless white wine glass

photos by A. Fatouros Photography