Modrn At Walmart!

You guys will not believe these pieces are from Walmart! They introduced a new collection called Modrn and they really really stepped up their game with this one. Some of these images rival CB2! I cannot attest to the quality, but dang, I would love to get my hands on these pieces and try them out in person! Scroll down to see my favorite picks from the collection.

Modrn at Walmart
Modrn at Walmart
Modrn at Walmart

Modrn at Walmart


Cane Furniture Round-Up

The cane furniture trend has been floating around the internet for a while now, and I am still totally here for it. Last spring I found my gateway drug on Craigslist, a set of classic Breuer chairs. I love the California, Australian surf shack vibes this look gives. Today I have rounded up for you 9 storage pieces with cane details. These pieces can be used as a bar, side board, media stand and more! I am excited to use one of these pieces in the next project I’m planning to tackle.

Cane Media Storage

Cane Furniture Round-up

1 - Urban Outfitters / 2 - Target / 3 - Danish Design Store / 4 - Worlds Away / 5 - Pamona / 6 - Crate & Barrel / 7 - Target / 8 - Urban Outfitters / 9 - Zin Home

photos: 1 / 2


Modern Study Reveal

I have to say, my expectations for this room was about the same level of my budget, low. But I am THRILLED with the outcome! I really wasn’t sure what to do with this front “office” room when we first moved in. I had suggestions to make it my office, but I know what a disaster my office turns into on the regular, so I didn’t want my mess right in the front of the house. My long term goal is to connect this room to the kitchen and make it a dining space, but for now we have made it a modern study/workplace for Kyle and once I saw this room by Mandi Johnson of Making Nice in the Midwest, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I had all of the furniture, most of which is vintage, and I also found the statement pendant that hangs in the center of the room on a trip to an antique shop last year when we were homeless, and I knew eventually the space would present itself. Ta da!! It is the centerpiece of the room and you can see it from the front of our house.

Modern Study
Study After

For a make-over that didn’t seem all that involved, it looks like a completely different room! Obviously the biggest thing we did was take down the wall paper, add trim and paint the entire room Dusty Miller by Benjamin Moore. Almost every other room in our house is my go-to white, so choosing the perfect green-grey was a really really tough decision, but I am absolutely in love with this color! It really has just the perfect amount of color I was going for here.

Study Before

Painting the shelving, the trim and the doors all in the same monochromatic hue is a bold modern look. See all of my inspiration in this post.

Modern Study Make-over

I did spend on some accessories. Target’s latest Project 62 collection was exactly the color and vibes I was going for in here. I used lots of books and random accessories I already owned and made several trips to the thrift store for bags and bags and bags of books.

Modern Study Make-over

On the walls I added a gallery wall with black and white family photos. It is one of the few places I have embraced the personal photos in this house and I adore it here. I also added a pair of affordable prints from Juniper Print Shop.

Modern Study Make-over

How beautiful are these flowers from Cass and Jean Flower Co!?


What do you guys think? Would you paint your wood trim?


round table - vintage / desk - Ikea Hack tutorial / chairs - vintage (similar) / pendant - vintage (similar) / large prints - Juniper Print Shop / frame for large art - Amazon / gallery wall frames - Target / storage boxes (painted) - Target / tall skinny vase - Target / tall vase with dots - Target / small vase - Target / acrylic table - CB2 / bar cart - vintage / brass peace sign - Jayson Home / concrete bells - DIY / candle holder set - Target / candles - Target

Wall Treatments

If you’ve been hanging around on my blog, you’ve seen these first two images before. I have been exploring DIY wall paneling treatments in my designs recently. I love this trend, because it’s super affordable, not totally permanent and makes a room look really elevated. While I know what I like when I see it, and I have a gift for figuring out how to recreate it, as a newbie in the “professional” world of interior design, I thought it time to learn the terminology and share my new found knowledge with y’all.

I also have a hard time imagining shiplap or bead board (and if you don’t know those terms, you will learn as you scroll) in a room that isn’t “farmhouse chic,” which is not my personal style. I have gathered images of these paneling treatments that are modern and fresh takes on treatments that are truly timeless.

DIY Wall Paneling Treatments


This is the budget kitchen makeover I did for my mom last fall for the One Room Challenge. Full disclosure, I wanted to remove the bead board, but it was all glued down, really really well. So to freshen up the look I added applied moulding on top using a brad nailer.

Beadboard is a very traditional wall treatment but one that will always be timeless. It consists of a strips of wood with small “beads” in between each board. Beadboard which comes in a variety of widths as well as styles is often popular in bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways as it serves as a very durable option for your walls and you can accent above it with a different paint color if you decide to do it as wainscoting like we did above.

DIY Wall Treatments - Wainscot


This room is the most recent makeover I’ve tackled, the study. I have not shared the entire reveal yet, but it’s coming soon. I tore down the wallpaper and wanted to add some character to the walls. I thought box moulding was a little overboard for this room. I wanted to have interest, yet be subtle, but I wanted something a little more than board and batten, so I added a horizontal panel about 3/4 of the way up the wall. The spot was chosen purely on visual gut reaction.

DIY Wall Treatment Options


Board and Batten is one of the oldest and most traditional types of wall paneling which you often see on the exterior of homes. The construction typically consists of a wide “board” and then a smaller more narrow “batten” that is installed over each of the seams creating a stronger structure. When used on interior walls like the example below you don’t need to have the larger “board” but instead can fake the look with small strips installed vertically.


This is one of the most simple and easiest of the options that we have in this category. It consists of adding strips of wood to your already existing walls (either with glue or nails) and then painting the entire wall to match. You can customize not only the size of the boxes, to be squares rectangles or a combo of each, but also the thickness of the boards that you add to the wall to achieve just about any look. I love how Gold Ala Mode brought the look of a French apartment into her New Jersey home.


Or more broadly, horizontal paneling, is a series of panels stacked horizontally. Shiplap traditionally has a space in between the boards (and is designed to easily fit together) where as horizontal paneling can be installed butt to butt without a space. Vertical paneling can be any color or raw as shown here, mixed with beadboard in Michelle Adam’s home.



V-groove paneling is a type of paneling where the edges of the boards have been shaved so that when it butts up to another board it forms a “V” shape in the groove. This is a more traditional look, and offers defined lines because of the grooves of the boards.


The term wainscoting refers to any type of wall treatment that goes a portion of the length of the wall. So while some people think wainscoting only involves beadboard or v-groove, the “half way method” can be used for any wall treatment. We love it here in a modern hallway with a box moulding.


DIY Concrete Bells

I’ve been on the ceramic train for sometime now. Loving dishes and decor alike, I’ve blogged about it here before. That love has carried over to my lust for the charming ceramic bells I’ve been seeing around Instagram and on Pinterest. My favorites on Etsy are a little more than I want to spend at the moment, so I came up with a DIY to get the look for a fraction of the cost. This DIY is a fairly simple one, I completed it in about an hour. Are you into this decor trend?

DIY Concrete Bell Tutorial
DIY Concrete Bell Tutorial
DIY Concrete bells


STEP 1: remove the plant from the planter. Scrape out the styrofoam.

DIY Concrete bells

STEP 2. Drill a hole in the bottom of the planters. Hole will depend on the gauge of rope you are using.

DIY Concrete bells

STEP 3: Thread rope through one bell. Tie knot inside bell to hold in place. Tie wood ring to end of rope.

DIY Concrete bells

STEP 4. Decide how long you want the bells to hang and tie knot at the top of the fold.

DIY Concrete bells

STEP 5: Thread rope through the other bell, tie knot inside bell to keep in place and knot wood ring to at end of the rope. Last, unravel the ends of the rope.

DIY Concrete bells
DIY Concrete bells
DIY Concrete Bell Tutorial


Study Plans

If you follow along on Instagram, you know this room is well on it’s way. I wanted to share some of my inspiration and design decisions as I style out the shelves, await my art to arrive and put the finishing touches on this space. I have to admit when we moved in I was pretty stumped with this space. It’s a lovely “bonus room.” But in my mind there is not a whole lot of function to it. It’s right off the living room in the front center of our house. There is a closet and large window, plus it connects to the bathroom, which also connects to the kitchen. So it’s a good pass through room. I did not want to use this room as my office, because my office is a disaster 99% of the time, and also because, despite the large window, the lighting stinks.

I future vision is to open this room to the kitchen and turn it into a dinning space, but when faced with what to do with it in the mean time, I was pretty much stumped. The navy patterned wallpaper was not my choice, but there is worse and the bookshelves were nice, just not my taste at all.

Study Before

Flash forward to my discovery of Mandi Makes on Instagram. Her home and feed is a glorious journey of unbelievable and super-creative before and afters. The moment I saw her study I knew it was the direction I wanted to go for my own study. For someone who painted their entire house white (Polar Bear actually) within the first few weeks of living in it, I fell hard for this green-grey color. I loved how her shelves were filled with books like a traditional library, but yet it all looked so modern. See more of Mandi’s room on her blog.

The color Mandi used is called Oil Cloth by Benjamin Moore. I pulled about 35 green-grey swatches from every paint brand. They all looked so different in this room and so different in each light of day. The Oil Cloth color Mandi used looked really blue and really dark in my room. I ended up going with a color called Dusty Miller by Benjamin Moore and I could not be happier with how it turned out!

Study Inspo 1.jpg

I know I’ve seen and pinned that monochromatic look before, so I hopped onto my Pinterest to find all the interesting colored libraries that skewed modern. Many were a little too traditional for my taste, like this room. I had crafted my idea, now on to the executing and the dreaded tearing down of the wallpaper.

Study Inspo 2.jpg
Study Inspo 3.jpg
Monochromatic shelving

photos: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

I have lots more to share about this room and the reveal coming soon! See the items I’m shopping for styling over on my Pinterest Board.

Powder Bath Plans

Last week I gave you the overview on house projects for the year, and as I go along, I will break down my inspiration and plan for each room. If you have been following along on Instagram you know that I already dove into tackling my powder bath. I had the mirror and the light, so I figured I’d buy the paint and start with phase 1. You can see the before here and scroll to the bottom of the post to see where I am today. I still need to replace the toilet, vanity, flooring and tile the walls. But she has come a long way! Here is the inspiration and the detailed design plan. Looking forward to finishing it off in the next month or too.


floor tile / scalloped wall tile / toilet / rug / art / faux plant / plant sprayer / sconce / mirror / faucet / vanity (custom) / paint color - My Sweetheart

Powder Bath update

Pedestal Bowl Round-Up

The perfect styling piece I am currently coveting is the pedestal bowl. It is absolutely perfect on the center of the kitchen table, as a decorative object on a coffee table, on your open kitchen shelving or styled on a built it. It is the avocado of the styling world - a little decadent and perfect on whatever you put it on. Ever since I missed the boat on this beauty from Anthropologie a few months back, I have been on the hunt for the perfect bowl. Scroll down to see the alternatives I found.

Anthro bowl.jpg
Pedestal Bowl Round-up

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9