Favorite Money Books and Podcasts

My happiness project focus this month is on money. And I have to admit, I have been slacking! I was tied up with so many projects, kind of still am, I haven’t done much of anything. I did download an audio book I’m slowly making my way though (it’s not on this list yet). I have been exploring some new money-centric podcasts, I signed up for Suze Orman’s online course and I have an appointment with our financial advisor. So I guess things are in the works, but haven’t actually done anything.

Anyhow, I have been trying to better myself on this topic for quite some time. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite resources.

Favorite Money Books and Podcasts


YOU ARE A BADASS AT MAKING MONEY - I absolutely love this book. It is not a tactical book. She is not telling you how to invest or what kind of 401K is right for you. Jen Sincero is getting you into the mindset to conquer all your money blocks. I have listened to this book no less than 5 times. Every time I need a money pep talk, it’s the first place I go. If you are having trouble or experiencing money blocks, I 100% recomend this book.

THE MONEY BOOK FOR THE YOUNG FABULOUS AND BROKE - I borrowed this book when I was about 25. I had gotten into a lot of credit card debt and living in New York City, I was alway stressing about money. After I read this, easy to digest book, I began preaching it to anyone that would listen and even gifted copies to friends and family starting their lives post collage.

WOMEN & MONEY - I have not actually read this book. I’ve been meaning to get to the library to check it out, but knowing how much I loved Suze’s other book (see above), I know that this one will be a great read.


SO MONEY - I discovered Farnoosh a few years back on another podcast I listen to, but it wasn’t until I heard her on an episode of the Goop podcast that led me down the rabbit hole of So Money. Farnoosh gives down-to-earth advice on her daily half hour podcast and interviews all kinds of incredible guests.

SUZE ORMAN AT THE APOLLO, WOMEN & MONEY - Suze Orman is abrasive and no nonsense, but she is my money guru. Whatever she says, I listen. Suze was on an episode of Oprah’s Super Soul Podcast telling her story, talking about women and money, and answering all kinds of audience questions. It’s a two hour, two part episode that I’ve listened to more than once. She also references her online personal finance course, which you can take for free using the code “WOMEN.”

Favorite Money Podcasts

BAD WITH MONEY - Gaby Dunn is a funny millennial that makes money woes completely relatable. The first season is a great listen to come to terms with your money issues and start making tactical steps toward solving them. Seasons 2 and 3 explore more about the broken system, than the strategies to solve personal finance issues, but still super interesting and a good listen. Gabby also just released a Bad With Money book.

Do you have any favorite money books or podcasts?

Happiness Project Month 2

I am officially through one month of my happiness project. I feel like I am doing pretty well. I did not accomplish or tackle everything on my list, but I think I laid a really good foundation for the rest of the year in month one. January was all about organization. While there were several one-time tasks I did not get to, like clean off my computer, that I didn’t get to, but there were a lot of wins in the column of setting good organizational habits that I think I will keep.

There are several big things I began doing this month that I want to toot my horn about. I got into the habit of doing all the dishes after dinner and putting them away before bed, so in the morning and when I get home from work the counters are clean. I put a small trash can inside the entry closet to toss unwanted mail. And, I established a cleaning routine, every Sunday morning in January I spent about an hour and a half to two hours cleaning the house. I cleaned the bathrooms, vacuum, cleaned the kitchen, and every other week dusted or washed sheets. These three simple things have made my home and life seem to run a little more smoothly. I have been giving up my leisurely Sunday morning, but I’ve gained outer order and inner calm.

Here is the list of goals I set for myself at the beginning of the month. I crossed out the items I checked off my list.

JANUARY - Organization

  • devise a system for keeping counters clear

  • develop a cleaning routine

  • solve the mail sorting issues

  • finish organizing office

  • purge and complete closet organization

  • sort junk drawers

  • organize and delete computer files

  • clear desk top, digital and physical

  • delete photos and apps from phone

  • sell, donate or recycle unwanted clutter

  • do a time mapping exercise to best organize my time

Here are a few of my favorite organization products I picked up this month.

Now that January is in the books it’s time to look toward February. This month I’m focusing on finances. Talk about and “being good at” money has always been an Achilles heel. Hopefully this power month of thoughtful reflection and planning and discussing with my partner will kick my butt into gear!

FEBRUARY - Finances

  • do a full asset/liability assessment

  • write down financial goals short and long term and align with Kyle

  • make a plan to pay down debts

  • start contributing to 401K again

  • make appointment with financial advisor

  • stick to budget 100%

How I Manifested $12k to Pay Off Credit Debt In Less than Four Months

I've always wanted to talk about finances here, but have been way too scared to do so. Why is money such a taboo subject? Why do we cast judgement on so many aspects of it. We judge people because they have too much, pity people who (appear) to have too little. I have been ever so slowly trying to crack this egg. I am at such a weird place in my money life that I really want to open up and learn from you guys. 


As you know, my family and I have moved to Michigan. One of the factors in moving was and is the cost of living. However, I had a good salary in New York. I am facing the possibility of a very significant pay cut here. I know finding a job that pays a New York salary would be next to impossible, but I also want to make what a professional with 12 years of experience is worth. Navigating the waters of what to ask for, what we need to live a comfortable life and how to save to invest in my business, have another baby, buy a house and contribute to retirement is a rough sea. 

Truth about our situation: I am currently unemployed, but am still in wedding season, so I do have a little coming in. Luckily my husband kept his remote job, so we have a single income. My husband is a contractor, so we had to purchase an insurance policy from the open market (not cheap!) and we are paying a good bit of cash to keep our stuff in storage. But, we are living rent-free with my in-laws and share a car. It sounds like a recipe to stock-pile some cash, but alas, somehow that's not really happening. 

I want to talk for a minute about our wins and about the concept of manifesting money. It sounds so woo-woo. I feel like a fraud saying it, but after I read (and reread and reread) "You Are A Badass At Making Money," I decided to test this concept out. In it author Jen Sincero tells a story about manifesting $80k to pay for a coach to kick her butt into gear and to help her get the results she truly desired. $80k! That's more than most people make in a year!!! After the third read of the book, I decided that I was going to manifest $100 a day to put toward my accumulating credit card debt, which at the time was about $12k. *Look at that, I told you my credit card debt number and I haven't burst into flames!!!* I know that $100/day seems crazy. I thought so too, but if Jen SIncero could manifest $80k, I could make a little magic of my own. So in mid-March, I started, with the goal of paying it off by the end of June.

  • I had already been paying about $500 - $600 a month, I upped $700 and that was a week out of the month marked off my calendar.
  • I do some freelance blogging that covered another 2 - 3 days
  • I got a bonus at work during that time, an other week or so worth of payments
  • I styled a shoot to earn $500 
  • Since we were moving, I sold some things on Craigslist 
  • Cleaned out my closet and sold items on Poshmark
  • I used cash from the sale of our house to pay a chunk
  • Right after we moved I was employed and living with our in-laws allowing me to contribute a larger chunk to this "bad debt"

I got there! or more truthfully, I practically got there, with about $600 still left on the card. I am so so proud of myself and it has left me wondering what else I can ask the universe for and work toward manifesting. I know my situation and life change helped me get to my goal, and not everybody is going to have the same experience, but the truth is I set out to eliminate this debt and I think I would have gotten there with or without the life change, because I was 100% focused and committed. Before we even saw the money from our house sale I had paid over $4k toward the debt. 

Next up, I am planning a month-long spending freeze in order to achieve our goals for the down payment on our new home. I am laying out my parameters here and will document my progress on my instagram stories

  • It's our anniversary on September 8, we plan to do something special to celebrate. 
  • I will allow myself to only purchase the amount of coffee on my Starbucks card
  • networking lunch or drinks are okay, but I will keep it economical 

Have you done a spending freeze? How did it go?