Happiness Project Month 2

I am officially through one month of my happiness project. I feel like I am doing pretty well. I did not accomplish or tackle everything on my list, but I think I laid a really good foundation for the rest of the year in month one. January was all about organization. While there were several one-time tasks I did not get to, like clean off my computer, that I didn’t get to, but there were a lot of wins in the column of setting good organizational habits that I think I will keep.

There are several big things I began doing this month that I want to toot my horn about. I got into the habit of doing all the dishes after dinner and putting them away before bed, so in the morning and when I get home from work the counters are clean. I put a small trash can inside the entry closet to toss unwanted mail. And, I established a cleaning routine, every Sunday morning in January I spent about an hour and a half to two hours cleaning the house. I cleaned the bathrooms, vacuum, cleaned the kitchen, and every other week dusted or washed sheets. These three simple things have made my home and life seem to run a little more smoothly. I have been giving up my leisurely Sunday morning, but I’ve gained outer order and inner calm.

Here is the list of goals I set for myself at the beginning of the month. I crossed out the items I checked off my list.

JANUARY - Organization

  • devise a system for keeping counters clear

  • develop a cleaning routine

  • solve the mail sorting issues

  • finish organizing office

  • purge and complete closet organization

  • sort junk drawers

  • organize and delete computer files

  • clear desk top, digital and physical

  • delete photos and apps from phone

  • sell, donate or recycle unwanted clutter

  • do a time mapping exercise to best organize my time

Here are a few of my favorite organization products I picked up this month.

Now that January is in the books it’s time to look toward February. This month I’m focusing on finances. Talk about and “being good at” money has always been an Achilles heel. Hopefully this power month of thoughtful reflection and planning and discussing with my partner will kick my butt into gear!

FEBRUARY - Finances

  • do a full asset/liability assessment

  • write down financial goals short and long term and align with Kyle

  • make a plan to pay down debts

  • start contributing to 401K again

  • make appointment with financial advisor

  • stick to budget 100%