Wax Poetic - The Perfect Locally Made Wedding Favor

Last week I was invited to Wax Poetic, a local candle making shop with a few other wedding professionals to learn about their custom wedding favors and gifts. It was such a fun experience to choose my scents and make my candle, I can can’t wait to tell my clients about this amazing, Grand Rapids-made idea for personalized wedding favors.

A couple can come in for the candle making experience, choose their own scents, that have special meaning to them or their story. And then Wax Poetic will custom make candles for your guests starting at just a couple of bucks!

Outside of personalized favors and gifts, Wax Poetic is a great spot of a stop on a bachelorette party. They have a private room for rent, were you can bring alcohol and have a fun night making candles and a lovely souvenir to bring home.

Wax Poetic Personalized Candles

The space is so cute and well designed and conveniently located in East Town Grand Rapids near shops and restaurants.

Wax Poetic Personalized Candles

This is one of three walls of fragrances to choose from to make your candle.

Wax Poetic Personalized Candles

Then there is a lot of sniffing and a little mixing.

Wax Poetic Personalized Candles

I narrowed it down to a combo of basil, mahogany and rose petals. And because they ask you to come up with a creative name, we decided on “summer armchair” for my candle.

Wax Poetic Personalized Candles

Lindsay from Paper Hat weddings, Katie from Katie Makes and Kyleigh from By Kyleigh Rose made a great candle making crew.

Wax Poetic Personalized Candles

Here she is making my home smell lovely.

Wax Poetic Personalized Candles

Whether you are a bride or groom looking for a favor or not, I highly recomend the candle making experience at Wax Poetic.

Favorite Dried Floral Resources

My obsession with dried floral arrangements has been brewing for well over a year. It was last April I did this post touting my love for pampas grass. And just this month, I adorned my bridal show booth and table with a bold statement arrangement of dried flowers by Cass and Jean Flower Co. While prepping for my bridal show, I did a fair bit of sourcing all kinds of dried beauties to use of this and future projects. Outside of local floral supply shops I found the following to be the best resources for dried florals.

Dried Floral Resources
Dried Floral Resources
Dried Floral Resources


Afloral has an amazing selection of natural to fun bright colors. This site could definitely be your one-stop resource for all things dried florals.

Dried Floral Resources


Do a quick Etsy search for dried florals and you will find inspiration galore! Endless options for any floral style.

Dried Floral Resources


Michael’s has a more limited selection, but is a great place for dried basics, dried greenery and fillers to combine with fresh or more unique pieces sourced from the sites above.



Like Michale’s, Hobby Lobby has a great selection of basics. Plus, like Michael’s they always have coupons and deals so it’s a great place to source those more ubiquitous ingredients for your dried floral recipe.

Dried Floral Resources


Lisa of Linnaea Floral foraged all the dried, textural flowers for this shoot. I have numerous stems of pampas grass I cut from fields near my home. Keep your eyes open and be ready to pull over.

Dried Flora Resources

photos: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4


Venue 3Two Bridal Bazaar

The first weekend of March I had the pleasure of being part of the unveiling of the beautiful conservatory at Venue3Two. Venue3Two is an old mansion, turned even space that shares property with a horse stable. This place exudes class and has a Gatsby vibe. Could it be anymore magical!? The mansion is perfect for bridal or baby showers and the conservatory seats up to 200 guests.

Arielle Teft and Stephanie Parshall captured this beautiful day. I am so excited to share it with you!

Venue 3Two Bridal Bazaar

Windoflower Design Company decked out the horses from Equine Assisted Development for a photoshoot in front of the venue.

Venue 3Two Bridal Bazaar

Gilmore Catering looked divine in enviable kitchen.

Venue 3Two Bridal Bazaar

How stunning would a portrait session look on this staircase!?

Venue 3Two Bridal Bazaar

I was lucky enough to have a space in the brand new conservatory. I partnered with some fabulous vendors to bring my rust-colored tablescape to life. Event Theory provided all the beautiful table top goodies. Fancy Fray lended the hairpin table and the coordinating lounge space. And last, but not least Cass and Jean Flower Co. KILLED it with the over-the-top centerpiece and installation on the ceremony backdrop. I hand died the window panels, designed the tablescape and painted the “programs.”

Venue 3Two Bridal Bazaar
Venue 3Two Bridal Bazaar
Venue 3Two Bridal Bazaar
Venue 3Two Bridal Bazaar
Venue 3Two Bridal Bazaar

Windoflower Design Company sprinkled flowers throughout the mansion.

Venue 3Two Bridal Bazaar

Revel Rose put together a stunning tablescape.

Venue 3Two Bridal Bazaar

My friend and fellow wedding planner, Lindsay from Paper Hat, brought the festive balloon vibes. I helped out with massive backdrop and the plexi sign.

Venue 3Two Bridal Bazaar

Finally, Fleurology brought the goods in the conservatory and decked out the huppah from Events by ICandy.

Venue 3Two Bridal Bazaar

Isn’t this place stunning!? I cannot wait to do a wedding here!

Thank you again Arielle Teft and Stephanie Parshall for capturing the day!

2019 Bridal Trends

<My latest Something Turquoise post is live. I rounded up my picks for the biggest bridal trends this year. From dainty bouquets to bridal hats, there is something for every bride from mild to bold! Click over to read all about it!


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The First Five Things You Should Do When Planning Your Wedding

How to start planning a wedding

I get questions all the time from newly engaged couples getting bombarded by demands from family wanting to know when the wedding will be. Sometimes before they have even made it Facebook official! You may have a secret pin board set up, but when the time comes to start planning, it’s hard to know exactly where to start. When a friend gets engaged or a bride emails to say she doesn’t know where to begin, these are the exact steps I tell them to take.

  1. Discuss a location.

    • This does not mean discuss specific venues, unless, of course you already have a few, or one in particular in mind, but I mean more general. If it’s not 100% unspoken and clear that you will be getting married in your home town, discuss general location. Will it be in the city you live or the place one of you grew up? Perhaps there is a special vacation spot where you’d like to get married? Discuss basic logistics for the must-have people. If one of your parents don’t fly, and you definitely want them at your wedding, you are ruling out many destination locations. If you hoping that a lot of family will be there, planning somewhere local is your best bet.

  2. Figure out a rough timeline

    • Again, you don’t have to talk specifics yet, in fact, chances are it’s best if you don’t have a really specific date in mind, but discuss a rough time. For example, next spring or a Saturday or Sunday in September. This way you are flexible if your top choice venues are already booked.

  3. Make arrangements to visit venues

    • Take a look at the images you have saved. Are they ballrooms? Are they intimate outdoor spaces? Do some research and make a list of about 10 venues you are interested in. 10 may sound like a lot, but you have some wiggle room if/when a venue on your list is booked, is out of budget or can’t hold as many guests as you have on your list.

  4. Outline a budget

    • This one is hard. For me, the hardest part. You probably have a number in your head that you don’t want to exceed. Perhaps it’s $30k or $50k or you are trying to pull off a wedding for $10k (it’s possible!). Start there and break it down. I advise discussing money with parents early. It can be a tough conversation, but ask what if any they want to contribute, then add that to your budget so you know exactly what you’re working with.

  5. Reach out to photographers

    • Once you have a date firm, make a list of 5 to 10 photographers whose work you love. I recommend find a photographer as your first vendor once you have set a date, as everyone needs a photographer, so they tend to book up quickly. Reach out to at least 5, then you can eliminate the ones who are booked, and the ones that are out of your budget. Any viable options you have left I advise meeting with them in person if at all possible. You will be spending one of the most important days of your life with this person, you want to have good vibes.

If you get though those five steps you are well on your way to planning a wedding! And if you need help, that’s what I do! You can schedule a consultation here.

2019 Wedding Trend: Painted Foliage

Because I love creative, out-of-the-box ideas, I just adore this wedding trend I’ve been seeing pop up on our favorite wedding blogs. Painted foliage is one of my new favorite ideas I’ve seen in a long time. I actually saved this first photo onto my Pinterest when it was published almost three years ago. The designer Lenzo is an uber-creative company based in Australia and they were WAY ahead of this trend.

This look probably isn’t timeless and it definitely isn’t for the classic couple, but still I love the bold choice of painted foliage! The pops of color or the monochromatic texture painting on leaves creates is so rich. Since you are painting on top of the foliage, the possibilities are endless, from bright and bold to metallic to tie-dye, this is a statement making trend idea made for the forward-thinking trend setters.

design: Lenzo / photography: Hello Darling Photography 

2019 Wedding Trend: Painted Foliage
2019 Wedding Trend: Painted Foliage

Design: Rawlins Design / photography: Burke & Pryde

2019 Wedding Trend: Painted Foliage
2019 Wedding Trend: Painted Foliage
2019 Wedding Trend: Painted Foliage

Matt and Shannon's Brooklyn Wedding

You guys. This day. These two. Matt and Shannon are sweetest couple with the most magical families. The planning process was a dream and the day was so wonderful. And, the photos by KeLi Photography are to die for! I’ve been sitting on these photos for too long, and I am finally getting my act together and sharing the eye candy today!

I was back at my favorite Brooklyn venue, Berg’n. Where I got to deck out their private event space and court yard in greenery, wreaths and flowers all hand made by the bride and the best girl gang around, her three sisters. It looked like a secret garden, but cool, because it was topped off by a neon light.

Shannon and her sister are fellow wedding vendors, owners of the Photo Barr, a fabulous photo booth option beloved by the New York wedding and party circuit. She and Matt had a lovely vision andI was honored and lucky to help bring it to life. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your day.


photos: KeLi Photography / coordination: Lauren Koster Creative / flowers: Bride and her sister, Sam / reception venue: Berg’n / church: St. Charles in Brooklyn / dress: BHLDN

Must Have Winter Wedding Photos

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