Happiness Project Month 4

It is definitely a tough thing to keep the train moving through this Happiness Project thing. In case you missed it, I am undertaking a Happiness Project a la Gretchen Rubin. Instead of making a couple of New Years Resolutions, I picked an area of my life for each month, that I want to improve, and I spend the month focusing on that area. In January I was all about organization, and I did really well. In February I focused on finances and due to unforeseen circumstances I got off track. And in March I focused on my business. I’ll update you on that in a moment.

So theoretically the point of this exercise vs. making 10 New Years resolutions is that you really set your intention and focus hard each month on that specific area, and by the time the month is out you have built new habits that you will carry through the rest of the year and beyond. In her book Gretchen goes into great detail about her spread sheets and daily practices, and while I am an enneagram type 1, I have not been painstakingly logging my progress, thus it’s easy to let things go by the wayside. I do however like that I check in here once a month, which holds me accountable to be honest about my progress, or lack-thereof.

Photo by  Cathryn Lavery  on  Unsplash

In March I focused on business. I have a lot of half checked off items. I am absolutely in fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants mode. And have not been able to get ahead enough to feel like I have time to check the items off my list. But I’m sure that will never change, so I will need to make time or it will never get done.

I am working with my friend, Miranda Schroeder, from Thoughtful Thrifted, an amazing marking brain, to help me do a digital audit of my brand and come up with a go forward strategy. Yes! Professional help, people! Miranda also turned me on to Making Sense of Cents, an online affiliate marketing course. I am working my way though that content to learn to bring the best of what you want to make all this work worth my while as well.

So far my accounting system is a spread sheet, but it is not very organized and not something I could pass off to an accountant work with. Girl boss needs to get it together there!! I have started using Later to schedule my Instagram posts, which has been life changing. And I have also started using Tailwind to automate Pinterest, I’m still learning this one, but loving it! You can sign up for Tailwind here for a month free!


  • Consistently blog Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week in March
  • Create new opt-in freebies
  • Make a "do-plan" to increase efficiency of my business
  • Take affiliate and blogging income cources
  • Clean up Pinterest
  • Set-up accounting system

This month’s focus is close to my heart, but has not been an area of focus in a while. When Kyle and I got together, 10 years ago this summer (after being friends for 7 years prior), we made a “fun pact.” We saw the value of how we laughed together and always had fun. As happens with so many marriages, life gets monotonous, there are kids and yard work and dinner and bills and all the things that make adulthood no fun. But we realize, and admit, that we have to work at it. I know I have some work to do. I need to make a conscious effort to not nitpick on the dumb little stuff and to stop thinking and worrying about getting stuff done around the house for a few minutes to appreciate the amazing human that I have chosen to be my partner in life. So for April, I am renewing my commitment to the happiness project, because this relationship needs a little more love and attention.


  • one date a week
  • make more time for sex
  • be grateful for my husband every day
  • let it go
  • don't pick fights
  • go out of my way to do acts of kindness