Latest Clean Beauty Favorites

I’ve been slowly making the shift to clean beauty products for sometime. Currently, all of my shower and body products are clean and still working through some make-up stragglers. You can find my other clean beauty posts here and here.

A few months back I was in Chicago and visited the Credo Beauty store. I am obsessed with this place! It’s like being a vegan and going out to a specialty vegan restaurant. You don’t have to ask the waiter a million questions, you know you can eat it, so the whole menu is available to you! That is how I feel about Credo. I don’t have to read every line of the label, because I know they’ve vetted their products and brands. Anyhow I discovered several new products on that visit and have picked up a few others along the way and I want to share my new favorites with you.

Latest Clean Beauty Favorites

Maple Holistics Silk 18 Shampoo - I have used a few Maple Holistic shampoos, mostly specialty ones for my dry scalp needs. The Silk 18 shampoo is a new product, the packaging is so clean and simple and it smells amazing. I love how it leaves my hair silky and smooth.

Weleda Skin Food - this stuff is amazing! It’s thick, delicious smelling cream for your body, face and hands. I have been putting it on my psoriasis spots along with my prescription and it really seems to be helping. I also used it nightly on my hands and when my face is feeling dry, I even put it there.

RMS Beauty Lip Shine in Content - This is my favorite lip product I’ve bought in a long time! FYI, this color “content” is red with a slightly pink hue. It’s not completely opaque and it has a lot of shine, the photo on the website looks much darker than it is in real life.

Lily Lolo Mascara - I have tried several clean mascara options, and this is by far my favorite. It goes on smooth, stays on and washes off fairly easily.